Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Atheist: Who Is Most Likely To Help A Brother Out?

Rather than simply asking for money, this homeless man turned street-level charity into a religious competition, in the form of a theological question.

As advertising legend has it, David Ogilvy was on his way to the office one day when a blind homeless person asked him for money. Ogilvy rebuffed him on the money, but he did dispense some ad wisdom perhaps worth more than whatever he had in his wallet. He changed the man’s sign from, "I’m blind, please give me money" to "It is spring and I am blind," thus changing the conversation. Now, a homeless man seems to have absorbed a similar lesson, presumably without help from any modern-day Don Drapers.

A redditor recently posted an image of a homeless man squatting among his few belongings. Spread out in front of him are nine separate containers, each with signs in front of them declaring a faith, while the man holds up a larger sign that reads, "Which religion cares most about the homeless?" Rather than simply asking for money, this homeless man turned street-level charity into a religious competition, in the form of a theological question. Now, that’s changing the conversation.

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  • Roadchaser

     Stupid. I have charities I give to. The government takes the rest to help such as this.

  • LLOYZ2

    Maybe if this guy actually had a religion he wouldn't be homeless in the first place. - smart swagger.

  • Conrad Curtis

    It doesn't really seem like it was supposed to be a scientific study - that isn't the point of the article. Just a guy crafty enough to come up with a better way to get your change - and it looks like he's not doing to bad! This story reminds me of a guy I encountered driving up PCH near Big Sur - he had a huge sign that read "I bet you can't hit me with a quarter!" and trust me people tried.

  • JD!

    So, if someone's religion is not written, then he is not supposed to give anything? Or does this mean that begging has gone a different direction altogether! Sorry to say but This is shocking promotion of begging...

  • joemichaels

    I think this is a wonderful "experiment." Would love to know the outcome.

  • James St John Smythe

    Well atheists and agnostics view all people of Earth the same, "fellow Earthlings". THe religious types see divisions among the peoples of Earth and as such it is inherent that the non-religious would be more charitable, if only for a larger pool of people needing help. Then add that atheists and agnostics  have nothing causing them to want to deprive others from anything and the case is made. Religious people are selfish bastards when it comes to other faiths.

  • Beleevnjc4life

    This makes sense in the typical make-beleive world, but since Aetheists/Agnostics have nothing to live for or look forward to, they usually want everything now and take advantage of everything they can to enjoy the here and now. Just another way of looking at it. I know Christians are certainly judgmental and do not live up to whats expected of them, but please don't try to fool anyone with that false garbage. Those o faith generally do give more, because they sense a higher power and rightly or wrongly beleive there will be a penalty for not giving. Thanks for not well thought out response, just a judgemental swipe which you claim to hate.

  • David McMahon

    Let see some proof of this... I saw a study from 2 years ago regarding charities and religious belief... And not counting tithes ( which is not really charity... it is going to the church for upkeep and the like )... The data was quite clear that the non-religious actually give much more... up to 4 times as much in some states... And BELEEVIN... you know nothing about agnostics and atheists... I work closely with several secular charities... I am in the leadership in 2 of these... My wife and I and a few of our "non-christian" friends started and ran a non-profit to help children... I do not need a higher power to tell me that we need to take care of each other... It is common sense... We are all brothers & sisters in the human race... Peace

  • Riversg

    good point!
    if that's the case, then THEY are FORCING THEIR RELIGION on US!!!

    Mmmmm, do i see a double standard?

  • Alex Silva

    Blah... this "competition" is just like asking people on the neighborhood "what's your religion?". If you do this in front of a christian temple and you will have a "winner", do this in front of a mosque, you will have another "winner"... doesn't mean people are more or less charitable.

  • Emily

    Exactly what I was thinking. Most people on this thread seem to have ignored this point and are taking the photograph as evidence of one group's charitability over another. The sample size is way too small.

  • JavaWithJae

    No one can seriously think that a snapshot of one man on one day can tell us anything about which group of people is more generous. Where is he? Who passed by him that day? Here's a better question - who cares which group is more generous, as long as the man's needs are being met? If everyone here would stop patting themselves on the back for their own virtues, while at the same time denigrating the beliefs of people with whom they disagree, men like this would not be homeless.