Armed and Antiquated: Startling New Ad Pushes To Update Gun Laws

In a powerful ad on behalf of A Petition for Stronger Gun Laws, a man attempts a shooting rampage with a weapon in line with the current state of gun laws.

It’s an all-too-familiar scene at this point: A determined man charges into a building with a gun, disregarding all who try to impede the awful progression toward his target. As the scene plays out in a new ad, however, there’s a thoughtful twist (watch the ad before reading on).

In an ad created by Grey New York for A Petition for Stronger Gun Laws, we see what a shooting rampage might look like if the perpetrator used Civil War-era muskets rather than the unfortunately common automatic weapons of today. As directed by Adam Goldstein, the ad finds the potential murderer spends enough time on manual reloading to allow everyone to get away.

"Guns have changed," a caption reads afterward. "Shouldn’t our gun laws?"

See the equally affecting print campaign Grey Canada created for Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America here.

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  • LG

    As long as there are evil in the hearts of some men I will keep my right to defend myself and my family, with anything.

    If you, Johnny B., believe that you don't have to... that's fine for me, but not for you.

  • LG

    Suppose most of the people in that office believed that personal security was their responsibility and most of them were armed, what do you would have happen?
    Guns and laws may change, but humans will always be the same. So the problem will always be with us. Laws will not make you better.

  • Johnny B.

    Translation:  Unarmed victims deserve to be shot because they weren't packing.

    So, LG, why don't you explain why I may not have a fully automatic AK-47 with as many 50 rounds clips as I want with me at all times?  The TSA won't let me take even a bowie knife on an airplane to protect myself, so how am I supposed to protect myself at my destination?  Maybe a gun rental shop near the airport would help assuage my fear of air travel.  I'd like to mount a .50 caliber, belt fed, automatic in the bed of my truck and have my son man it while we go grocery shopping, all in the name of protecting myself and others, of course.  

    Maybe you can work on making that happen?  After all, the Second Amendment prohibits any restrictions on my right to arms (not just guns, but arms.  Missiles, grenades, flame-throwers, howitzers, etc. count as arms.  I'll draw the line at nuclear arms because there would be too much collateral damage.)