Hunky Plumbers Are Coming To Snake Your Drain In The Liquid-Plumr "House Call Sweepstakes"

Liquid-Plumr is sending some guys over.

How many innuendos can Liquid-Plumr pack into one commercial? How about "Snake your drain," "Flush your pipe," and "'Finish off the rest"--and that’s only the beginning. After the success of last year’s Double Impact commercial, featuring two hunky beefcakes who arrive at a woman’s door to fix a clog, the Clorox brand is launching an actual "House Call Sweepstakes." Now you can win a visit from similarly endowed beefcakes, along with a real plumbing and fix-it professional to give your bathroom the business.

Winners will be selected each week through May 20 and will receive $1000 in addition to a visit from the sexy guests. You can enter to win on Liquid-Plumr’s Facebook page. Now, if only Clorox could help me "mop my floor" and "do" the dishes.

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