Neil LaBute's Equivocally NFSW Movie Poster

Some Velvet Morning’s art-house poster.

The poster for Neil LaBute’s new film, Some Velvet Morning, is one of those images that looks at first glance somewhat more…something…than it is. The movie stars Stanley Tucci, who shows up at the home of his mistress (Alice Eve), four years after they last saw one another, having finally left his wife. See it at the Tribeca Film Festival, April 17-28. See the art that inspired the poster, Alexi Worth’s "The Formalists," also below.

Source: Vulture.

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  • Seamus

    I'm still laughing while trying to figure out what NFSW means?? I'm not a big enough hipster to get the joke I guess, but I believe your editors meant to say, NSFW. Capiche?

  • neil

    the poster was created using another version of alexi's own work under his supervision. the painting hangs in one room of the townhouse in which the film was shot (as part of the production design by neil patel).

  • Tim Letscher

    I hope there was some compensation to Alexi Worth if Alexi wasn't the artist on the movie poster. That's definitely more than mere inspiration.