Condiments Give Spankings In Eye-Popping Italian Ad Campaign

If you’ve hit the bottom of your ketchup, you will be punished.

Italian diners have been very, very naughty. Milan-based advertising agency Alch1m1a Adv has created a three-ad series entitled "Gioni’s Revenge," in which Gioni condiments go all 50 Shades on us.

The sauces and dressings are personified as dispensers of punishment. There’s "Don’t Spank His Bottom Again" for brown sauce, "Did You Spank His Mom’s Bottom" for ketchup. And "Learn To Squeeze Her" for salad dressing, (known in Italy as salad "cream").

But unless you actually have a condiment fetish and dream of being spanked by your ketchup, you probably won’t want to squirt Gioni’s on your burger after you’ve seen these ads. You might think twice, though, before slapping the bottom of that Heinz bottle. Talk about a pain in the ass.

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  • mjankowski_XXX

    why is that antisexism hate speech pouring?

    don't you have even a tiny sense of humour?

  • Mike Harrop

    Let's see a viral of this ad's creators being spanked. Btw they really seem to have gotten their 'his'' and 'her' mixed up in the texts. Hope they do better in real life.

  • Sally Hollis

    Horrid sexist rubbish, that Italian condiment campaign. Oh, the problems men in advertising seem to have to work out through their daily employment. What the hell does the shabby concept of 'discipline' have to do with some inferior culinary product, let alone be forced on the public? Get a grip!

  • Brian


    Is the one with the female bottle spanking the man's naked rump sexist too?

    Or only the ones with the male bottles spanking the women's clothed behinds?

  • Thomas III

    That's not the only idea that they ripped off, either.  The spanking images are blatant ripoffs of spanking artwork by artists Endart and Kami Tora, both of whom are known in the adult consensual spanking scene.

  • Joel Alain

    Do I put these ads in my "Viral ads folder" or "Kinky" folder? That's the million dollar question. I'm not sure about those ads but they probably did this very provocative on purpose to get a LOT of views, complaints, people talking etc in order to get free media attention and then they'll say "They're sorry" and create new ads. I wouldn't be surprised if Ryan Holiday was behind these...

  • Tim Geoghegan

    Put them in the 'scam ad' folder. BS. No real client would ever pay for this. You can't even see the type by the brand. This is just some "creative" trying to win awards for being 'clever' (not) and has nothing to do with the real ad business.