Sigur Rós - scented candle that smells like their studio

An almost briny, campfire-like smell awaits fans of Sigur Rós who purchase their latest piece of merchandise: a candle that is said to capture the olfactory flavor of the Icelandic band’s studio.

Flaming Lips - anatomically correct chocolate hearts

Although they sold out just before Valentine’s Day 2013, the Flaming Lips teamed up with Dallas-based Dude, Sweet Chocolate to create these anatomically correct chocolate hearts, which came with a USB drive boasting new music from the band. Es muy romanticas!

Flaming Lips - blood vinyl

Last year, Flaming Lips head weirdo Wayne Coyne spoke to Co.Create about the vinyl copies of his collaborative album made with blood drawn from all participants. Later, he tweeted that 10 of these records--with plasma from the likes of Ke$ha, Bon Iver, and Erykah Badu inside them--were up for sale.

Iceage - knives

In July of 2012, punk rockers Iceage began selling branded knives online and at their shows. Now, whenever you gut a fish, open a package, or shave tiny patches of hair off your leg for some reason, you will think of your favorite Danish thrash crew.

Grimes - vagina rings

Although it looks as though all trace of them has vanished from Grimes’ tumblr, the fierce electro artist was at one point selling vagina-shaped rings, made with the assistance of sculptor Morgan Black.

Gang of Four - helicopter rides with the band

This "item" is a concession to all weird Kickstarter-type goods and services that bands are now offering to folks who help crowdfund their albums. In 2010, postpunk progenitors Gang of Four were selling helicopter rides and all other manner of interesting stuff for fans who helped take their album Content to term.

Gang of Four - helicopter rides with the band

When metal bruisers Between the Buried and Me began selling pre-orders of their latest album in 2012, they did so with style… astronaut style. In one of the many package options for the pre-sale, fans had the chance to get a NASA-style spacesuit with the bands initials written into the familiar logo.

Glassjaw - skateboard decks and air freshener

Not only does Long Island hardcore band Glassjaw sell skateboard decks with their name on it, they also sell air freshener to make your cloth-based merch smell nice.

Zac Brown Band - brown sauce and cooking apron

There is an area of the Zac Brown Band’s website devoted solely to its cooking wares. These include rub for cooking meat, cookbooks, barbecue says, and even aprons. If you are a big fan of both grilling dinner and the rollicking sounds of Southern rock, it’s a great time to be alive.

Jack White - triple decker record

Although this item was officially created for Jack White’s third band The Dead Weather, we’re just going to attribute it to jack White because it has his style written all over it. A so-called triple decker record was created for the band’s single "Blue Blood Blues" in 2010. Designed by Jack White himself, the limited edition item consisted of a 7" record embedded inside of a 12" record.

Mastodon - "Hunter"-head face mask

When it was time to release their last album, 2011's The Hunter, conceptual metal band Mastodon created a fun online experience wherein users could digitally wear the album cover’s "Hunter" over their faces. It turns out fans could also buy an analog version of the mask and wear it on their faces for real.

Weezer -snuggie

In the year 2009, Billy Mays-pitched wearable comforter, the snuggie, was often discussed in an ironic context. It was something that didn’t quite need to exist, was more fun to make fun of than practical, and yet everyone could sort of see themselves using the thing. Somehow, Weezer decided this was a branding opportunity they wanted to be a part of, and lo and behold, the was born.

Odd Future - big bird socks

Although not officially billed as Big Bird socks, these Odd Future feet warmers sure do look suspiciously like your favorite giant canary’s legs.

Wavves - weed grinder

One thing to know about indie rock clown-princes Wavves is that they like to smoke pot. You can tell as much by the fact that the group’s members sell branded weed grinders on their website.

Tenacious D - Um, "Utility" Rag

The official title of this product is kind of unprintable. Let’s just say that Jack Black’s joke-band wants to keep its dirty-minded fans as clean as possible.

Rammstein - dildo box set

If you really are the biggest fan of German industrial band, Rammstein, why wouldn’t you want to get this giant box of dildos, purportedly all modeled on the members of the band’s actual members?

AC/DC - beer

The long-running Aussie rock outfit now has its own official brand of beer. Too bad it’s only available for fans who live in Germany, for whom the highway to hell is connected to the Autobahn.


Blood Vinyl, Spacesuits, Vagina Rings, and 14 More Items of Music Merch You Won't Believe Are Real

Some bands just want to sell you something to remember their live show by; others want to make that something itself just as memorable…

When I was age 16, I went to see California punk vets NOFX in concert. They were supporting their latest album, Heavy Petting Zoo. The lewd title was joined by lewder album art and also, as I learned at the show, merchandise that was even lewder still. During the performance, frontman Fat Mike threw into the audience an inflated sex doll shaped like a sheep. I caught it and brought it home. After endless harassment from friends, I eventually destroyed this souvenir (you try being asked whether you’ve "sheeped" yet today, every day). For years, it remained the weirdest piece of music merch I’d ever encountered. Recently, however, some items have come to light that blow that blow-up sheep out of the water.

Whether it’s Sigur Rós selling a candle that supposedly smells like its recording studio, the Flaming Lips selling vinyl records made with celebrity blood, or Tenacious D offering a rag to be used specifically for, um, post-coital cleanup, there is no doubt that merch has taken a turn for the weird over the past decade. Have a look through the slide show above for the weirdest items we were able to find, and be sure to add any others that we may have overlooked in the comments below.

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