Citroen Awakens the Equestrian Baby Within

In a new ad from Citroen, the ride is so smooth, it just might be a weird fantasy.

Driving a Citroen is a transformative experience, according to the brand’s latest spot.

The new ad for the French automaker’s DS3 Cabrio features a baby with a wedding dress-train of fine golden hair riding a white horse on a glistening beach. Apparently, the ride is just that smooth. Created by agency H Paris and director Tom Kuntz, the spot is hazy and dream-like, with Spandau Ballet’s seduction song "True" playing as the baby gallops along in slow motion. Much respect goes to the casting director, though, for finding the perfect adult counterpart for the baby when his horse-drawn reverie is eventually (briefly) interrupted.

Watch the full ad below.

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  • Mark Lockett

    What on earth were the advertising team thinking of?? This ad is creepy, dumb and pedophilic. Having seen it I couldn't even remember what the car was - could have been a Robin Reliant for all I know. I don't think I'll ever buy a Citroën having seen this. I'll stick with Renault!