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What Repurposing A Genitalia Cake Pan Teaches Us About Creativity

A website offers some creative ideas on using bachelorette party-procured penis pans for less scintillating occasions, and a lesson in thinking outside of whatever-shaped box you’re stuck in.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but how about a penis cake pan? Well, mostly it’s exactly what it is, too—unless, however, you apply a stroke of nonlinear genius and transform it into something else. is a (sponsored) website that frees frugal bachelorette party participants from the tyranny of what would seem to be single-purpose kitchenware. The site collects and suggests ideas for how to sneakily pass off cakes made from those pans in less phallic forms. Who’s to say that the testicular region of such a pan can’t double as the eyes and dome of a crocodile, with the protuberant part forming a snout? Nobody, that’s who. Of course, the elephant is also representing for the animal kingdom on the site, but there’s a host of other ways to get more wang for your buck here as well. In all, it’s a lesson for all of us—to try and see seemingly insurmountable creative problems as opportunities.

Competition was pretty stiff, but we’ve included the best entries in the slide show above.

[Images: Penispans]

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  • Me

    Lol! I think the Xmas tree is the only cake that truly manages to conceal it's phallic roots.

  • Kerrtoons

    Sorry. Very clever, but they still look like genitalia. I think this is the visual definition of trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear :)
    At least we know the lighthouse was circumcised.