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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Gets Milk in Super Bowl Spot

Milk first, saving the world later.

Got Rock? The National Milk Processors Board does in its upcoming Super Bowl ad.

Since he gracefully transitioned into film from his professional wrestling beginnings, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has starred in a wide variety of movies—everything from family films to cop comedies. Let’s be real, though: Most of the time, the former WWF star is wanted for what he brings to the action movie table, which is charisma, man-bulk, and face-punching skills. It is this last kind of role that the National Milk Mustache "Got Milk" campaign parodies in its forthcoming spot.

Created by agency Deutsch New York, the new ad, set to air during the 2nd quarter of the big game, opens with our man preparing breakfast for a culturally diverse collection of children. Unfortunately, he is out of a key ingredient—one that is rich in protein and essential nutrients, etc. Thus begins what quickly escalates into a climactic race against time to fetch some breakfast milk while the city is falling apart. Various action- and disaster-movie scenarios start happening all around The Rock, however, he doesn’t have time to negotiate them.

While the once (and future?) wrestler has questionable priorities, at the very least you have to admire his commitment to nutrition.

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  • Vegananarchist

    Why do people listen to some hormone case whose IQ is equivalent to what his name sounds like, or even a bag of them (ROCKS)!

  • Vegananarchist

    Every Body Needs Milk Right? Just ask gold medalists Mark SPITS, Peggy Phlegming, super star, Frank Snot-tra, and even prolific doctors like MUCUS Welby MD!

  • Vegananarchist

    Remember a Fat Milk Drinking Hypocrite, is not only Two Faced, but Double Chinned as well! 

  • Vegananarchist

    Do you inject yourself with Fat Hormones, or do you just look that way from drinking the milk of animals that are?

  • Vegananarchist

    So ask yourself this question: Do you have a Lard A#s or is that just all Butter Fat?

  • Vegananarchist

    Milk is the leading cause of heart disease, (Even a glass of low fat milk has an equivalent amount of fat as 3 strips of bacon), and with all the lovely modern additives such as recumbent Bovine Growth Hormones (rBGH)s, Antibiotics, and high levels of pesticide residues, the risk of certain cancers increases by up to 1200%! Another BIG LIE is that it's good for the bones. Good, if you call osteoporosis good, along with calcium deposits which lead to arthritis. Another BIG LIE is that you lose weight. Milk is designed to turn a 100 pound calf into a 1200 pound steer! Another wonderful thing about this hideous cow snot is that it actually sucks radiation out of the atmosphere like a sponge. You like how the National Dairy Council and even our own government never warned you that 98% of all thyroid cancers are linked to the consumption of dairy products after a fallout over the U.S. such as Japan! Besides all the wonderful ingredients there are some other appetizing natural ones like PUS & BLOOD! Also, drug stores a loaded with medicines to counteract lactose intolerance from bloating, stomach cramps, and constipation,  to congestion and sinus remedies. Face it YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO YOUR WHOLE LIFE by the National Dairy Council, and even your own doctor, who by the way, studied nutrition for almost 90 min. in the course of obtaining an 8 year degree. If anyone disagrees then you should go back to Egypt, because you're all living in De Nile!