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Axe Apollo

Axe Showcases Pulling Power Of Astronauts In Super Bowl Campaign

Nothing beats an astronaut, and by astronaut we mean a bro who wins a trip to space via Axe.

Astronauts wouldn’t typically top a list of male archetypes known for their can’t-miss pulling power (a list that would look something like: rock star, fireman, pro athlete, spy, and would allow for regional variation--for example in New York it would include bankers and Terry Richardson).

But astronauts are the stars and most powerful lady magnets in Axe’s Super Bowl campaign. The brand’s game-day spot depicts an astronaut--an amateur astronaut at that, which we’ll come back to--spoiling the fleshy payback about to be bestowed on a handsome lifeguard who had just, in spectacular fashion, saved a young lady from a shark attack.

Why the astro-focus? Because the campaign supports Axe’s Apollo line of products and a broader, global marketing initiative called Axe Apollo Space Academy that’s looking for average Axe guys to send into space. The campaign, heralded with a spot starring Buzz Aldrin, invites bros from around the world to visit before February 3 for a chance to earn a place in the Axe space program. Entrants who earn the most support online and compete in a series of challenges will be put through actual space-simulation exercises to earn one of 22 spots on a private Space Expedition Corp. craft.

Watch the Super Bowl spot "Lifeguard" and an earlier spot featuring a fireman, and the Buzz Aldrin promo in the slide show above.

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