If You Only Have Time to Go to One Gossip Website, Go To…

Nikki: The Daily Mail. Gossip wise, it’s the most up-to-date. You also learn new British words when you read it. They call legs “gams,” and they write things like, “Harry Styles got into a furious row,” It’s a fight! So-and-so “took the piss out of this guy.” It’s like Gordon Ramsey wrote all the copy. They’re the go-to, you don’t need much else.

If You Only Have Time to Go to One Gossip Website, Go To…

Sara: WeSmirch. It’s the best aggregator of celebrity blogs. And I read Oh No They Didn’t. It’s incredible. It’s user generated, so it’s really got a lot of personality and flair, and a lot of animated GIFs to go along with whatever your pleasure is. Oh No They Didn’t is really fan driven, so it’s very positive they’re not tearing anyone down.

Their TV Diet

Sara: I probably watch religiously about 10 shows, an hour each, and then sometimes on the weekend I’ll have the TV on all day, we’re talking a definite part-time-job-level commitment. But the shows I’m talking about a lot right now are Nashville, Revenge, and a dash of Pretty Little Liars. When you get to be my age, it’s sad that I’m watching [Pretty Little Liars], but it’s really cute and fun.

Their TV Diet

Nikki: I’m really into the show Catfish [the MTV show which follows couples who have only talked online when they meet IRL for the first time]. It’s predictable but still engaging. It’s sometimes sad, but once you’re locked into the episode, you become as invested as they are in this ridiculous relationship that is clearly false.

The App to Beat them All

Nikki: The Us Weekly app for the iPhone is awesome and updates really quickly. You get to take part in the poll of the magazine of “who wore it best.” I often make fun of it, too. I take screen shots and tweet joke responses to some of the headlines.

How Pop Culture Can Be Positive

Nikki: The reason we became friends is we met at a party and were talking about Justin Timberlake. So celebrity has always been a go-to thing for us, that’s what we care about more than anything. On the podcast we talk about our personal lives and sex, but we have a new fresh take on celebrity, and we’re completely passionate about it.

How Pop Culture Can Be Positive

Sara: Nikki and my entire comedic sensibility is coming together for the show. On the podcast it’s just a brainstorming because it’s so stream of consciousness. When we talk about pop culture it’s what we think of stuff, but the show is more what we have to say about this stuff. For instance: How are we gonna handle tabloids and how women’s bodies are treated? What is our take going to be?

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How To Be A Pop Culture Expert In Minutes—A Tutorial From Nikki and Sara

Just ahead of the debut of their new MTV show, Nikki and Sara, creators of the podcast "You Had To Be There," offer advice on how you too can be a pop culture maven.

When you listen to Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer’s weekly podcast, "You Had to Be There," it’s like having drinks with your funniest, most pop-culturally literate pals. On recent episodes they’ve discussed everything from reality star Bethenny Frankel’s husband, the recent Bruce Willis movie Looper, a racy web comic called oglaf.com, and Sara’s lifelong hatred of gum.

On Tuesday at 11, this charming duo is bringing their celebrity knowledge and adoration to MTV, as the co-hosts of the late night show called, what else? Nikki and Sara LIVE! The show, which is filmed in the former Total Request Live studio looking out on Times Square, will start off with a pop culture inspired dialogue, replete with graphics. "Like Weekend Update when it was with Seth and Amy, or Amy and Tina," Sara explains. The show will also include celebrity interviews and man-on-the-street sketches, like more traditional late night fare.

Since Nikki and Sara are always up on the zeitgeist, we talked to them about how to become pop culturally savvy in five minutes a week. With their tips, even the most serious foreign policy junkie can become conversant in Kardashian.

See the slide show above for their guidance.

[Images: MTV Networks]

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