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Target Sits Out Super Bowl Again; Launches Mobile Game Instead

Rather than spend exorbitant sums on a Super Bowl ad, Target is buying into the big game with a little game of its own—a mobile app called Snack Bowl.

Everyone loves the Bud Bowl and the Puppy Bowl, but what about the Snack Bowl?

This year, an epic contest between game day treats will light up the second screen for fans of the Target brand, in a game called Snack Bowl. Rather than sink millions of dollars into an ad that would air during the Super Bowl, Target is sinking its football-based investment into the period leading up to the big game—perhaps so shoppers will remember to do some of their party planning you-know-where.

The screen, if you access it from a computer

The game, which can be played on mobile web browsers and also as apps for iPhone and Android devices, is basically a branded version of the food fight from Animal House. Get points by throwing a variety of familiar products, some of which may or may not have their own Super Bowl commercials, at party guests who are all wearing Target jerseys as they run around your living room for some reason. You know, typical party stuff.

If it gets boring to play the game by yourself, however, there is also a social integration element wherein you can challenge Facebook friends. And if that goes well, perhaps you can invite said Facebook friends to an actual in-person Super Bowl party and reenact the game face-to-face.

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  • DaisyChan

    Smart for putting the brand image into your mind. Now I want to go to Target to buy all my Super Bowl snacks!!! however I wonder how the game is