See Stars Who "Demand a Plan" to End Gun Violence Shoot People in Movies

A YouTuber has recut the viral "Demand a Plan" video, in which Jeremy Renner, Jamie Foxx, Beyonce and others respond to the Sandy Hook shootings, to include clips in which those celebs perpetuate gun violence in movies and TV. It’s a thorny issue made even thornier.

The horrific shootings in Newtown, CT last December shocked a country that seems to have grown increasingly un-shockable. Whereas at one point, any shooting in any public facility would be cause for some deep, collective soul-searching and hand-wringing, it was only after a school shooting in which most of the victims were small children that the level of anger and disgust boiling in America didn’t level off after just a few days. People are still angry about gun control. That anger has resulted in some well-intentioned initiatives to spur government action on the issue—like the recent "Demand A Plan" video that featured a who’s who of celebrity talent appealing to the public. However, as at least one person has recently pointed out, those same celebrities are participants in one aspect of our culture of violence.

Although Co.Create can’t vouch for the views of the lasciviously monikered YouTuber MIke Hunt, his video does make a point. In the days after the Sandy Hook shooting last month, the "Demand A Plan" video appeared, featuring stars like Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Renner, Chris Rock, Cameron Diaz, and Beyonce demanding a plan to rid America of its problem with gun violence. The new video, "Demand Celebrities Go ….. " points out that there is a certain hypocritical element in seeing the stars of shoot-'em-up thrillers that seem to celebrate gun violence elsewhere decry it in a PSA.

In Hunt’s recut version of the video, each celebrity appearance is followed by any available clips of that star perpetuating, or playing victim of, onscreen gun violence.

Watch the original Demand a Plan video below.

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  • Defendthe2nd

    Look at all the recent gun purchases (especially assault weapons) along with people buying ammo by the pallet. Understand this: We're not asking you if we can have our "liberty teeth," we are TELLING you we are going to keep them!!! Take that to the bank!

  • DrDanno

    Good video.  To me, the movies depicted show what real life will be like when everyone has guns, and everyone uses violence to solve every problem they face.  Of course Hollywood will simply parrot the same bullsht the NRA spews, namely, movies don't kill people; people kill people.  So, play the recut video.  It makes the hypocrisy manifest by the NRA easier to understand and to see through.  I see no difference between Alex Jones, Yeager or Nugent, and stars who think they can have it both ways.

  • babyford

    I wonder how much they got paid for doing this add. I also wonder what type of weapons their body guards and personal security gaurds carry. Maybe they would have made more of a difference if they were to support access to mental health care for all who need or request it. 

  • susannahc

    I think this video is more than fair. Spot on 100% ... When Jamie Fox says, "Kill all the white people in the movie" ... I mean come on ... that sent a chill down my spine ... Maybe the people of Aurora Colorado should "Demand" he make a plan to apologize for making that remark. 

  • IP OP

    ----And STILL --NO MENTION-- of the PROZAK
    and gangsta' cull-chore angle.

    And so, as ever, BEWARE the on cue 'M' pathy
    offerings of the promoted capstone 'sicko-phants'.

  • Chris Lucier

    So if an actor uses a fake gun in a movie to portray a violent scene in a movie and people pay to go see it, you're saying that we're all FOR gun violence?

    Does it mean that if I play violent video games for entertainment, go paint-balling, or mimic a violent act in any way then I'm in support of violence against others? That I'd like to see the world around me killing each other?

    Wow. Logical.


    If Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Renner, or anyone in that video had shot people in real life and then took part in this video, I'd say you had the right idea. In this case however, you just portray yourself as incredibly gifted in spinning what people say against them and pushing it onto a crowd of simpletons who likely can't think for themselves. Congratulations.

    Don't forget to buy your kid a toy gun on your next visit to Toys 'R Us and teach him how to use it so when he gets into your gun cabinet as an angry teen, he knows what he's doing. Maybe he'll be a headliner someday too!

  • Lily

    Seriously, AmericanFight and FuckYouChrisLucier, did you guys even read what he said? LOL Either you both have reading comprehension issues and need to go back to grade school, or you really just need to pay more attention to what people say before you start barking nonsense. How embarrassing... lol

  • Chris Lucier

    I love how the two people below (three if you count the double-post) want to kill me. And I bet they wonder why some people think they shouldn't have guns.

    In no way did I state that guns should be stripped away from people or that their rights should be taken away or changed. If the two responders below would educate themselves a little bit and read what I was really saying (not what they wanted to see so that they could spew hate) they would see that I lean more to the side of gun education. Teach people the proper use of a gun and it won't end up in the wrong hands.

    However, that being said, after reading what the two responders below said; I'd like to say that someone should take their guns away for sure. If they can't read one man's opinion on the internet and feel the need to blow someone's head off, then they obviously don't understand the responsibilities that come with guns.

    Also, a coward is someone who runs and hides. You two seem to understand that well seeing as you both posted under fake names.

  • AmericanFight

    You are a traitor to this country.  You are now on the list.  Your Communist views towards our Constitution WILL fail.  We, the real Americans of this country, who understand that we live in a Constitutional Republic won't forget.  We won't forget that you don't understand the basic principles behind our Amendments and that you don't understand the rights contained therein aren't up for debate. Ever. We won't forgive you.  We won't accept you.  It's not okay that you don't understand how much blood flowed for our rights that you so cavalierly want to give away.  If push ever comes to shove I hope to see you on the field of battle.  But we both know I won't see you there.  You are a fucking coward and will go find a corner to hide in and wait for the day you have the RIGHT to abuse our Constitution once again.

  • fuckyouchrislucier

    Chris Lucier, where do you live? I'd love to see your fucking faggot face with a red dot before it disappears.

  • fuckyouchrislucier

    Chris Lucier, where do you live? I'd love to your fucking faggot face with a red dot before it disappears.

  • Hugh J

    The hypocritical part of all this is that these people themselves are usually armed or being escorted by those that are.