Volkswagen and agency Deutsch L.A. scored a huge hit with a Star Wars-themed spot in the 2011 Super Bowl. This year, the brand teased its Super Bowl play with this Keith Schofield-directed version of a classic Star Wars composition as interpreted by a chorus of canines….

…Then, on Super Bowl Sunday, VW unleashed its big spot, this tale of canine self-improvement with a Star Wars kicker.

Maddie and her human sidekick Theron Humphrey made photos of a coonhound standing on things into an Internet sensation and, up next, a book. Read about their story here.

DogShaming, a Tumblr featuring photos of dogs "confessing" to their misdeeds, became a viral sensation this summer.

After Diesel launched its 2012 eyewear collection with a spot centered on some stylish hounds shot in super slo-mo, we published a mini-retrospective of mankind’s particular fascination with shooting dogs at super high speeds.

And when it comes to dogs in slo motion, the addition of a moving car only takes things to another, happier level. Director Keith Hopkin shared his tips here on shooting your best friend on the road.

The New Zealand SPCA, Mini, and DraftFCB, however, weren’t satisfied with dogs as passengers in cars. This adoption campaign, one of our top picks of the year, saw dogs learning to drive specially rigged cars. Read more about it .

And, to complete the circle, this Toronto Humane Society spot reminds us that dogs don’t belong in cars when we (or they) are NOT driving.

Big year for dog-related creativity in New Zealand. This cinema campaign for Pedigree’s Adoption Drive from Colenso BBDO told a tale of two adoption stories using 3-D technology. Moviegoers were given either red or yellow glasses and depending on which they opted for, they saw two very different films play out, one that started sad and ended happy and the other that was heartbreak from start to finish.


The Top Dogs Of 2012: The Best In Canine Creativity

From driving cars to being shamed, dogs had their day in 2012.

While recognizing that in life, you see what you want to see, even the dog fans among us couldn’t escape the fact that 2012 was the year of the canine in advertising and pop culture in general.

Cats may be the once and forever queens of the Internet, but dogs took a bite out of their share of mind this year with Super Bowl appearances, high profile stunts, and regular old feats of viral hilarity.

In the slide show above, a rundown of the best dog videos and other cultural moments from 2012.

[Rottweiler Image: Visceralimage via Shutterstock]

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