Winona Ryder Gets Waxed In The Killers' Tim Burton-Directed Video

The latest clip from The Killers’ new album is a typically dark Tim Burton affair, featuring Winona Ryder as both an actress and her maybe-alive wax replica.

Although he once did a cameo in the movie Singles as a guy who directs personal ad videos for money, Tim Burton generally doesn’t do work for hire. Consequently, it’s always worth having a look whenever he takes a break from filming his latest Johnny Depp-starring adaptation to direct a music video.

In Burton’s latest, "Here With Me" by The Killers, Winona Ryder reunites with her Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands director to play a flaxen-haired horror movie queen. Craig Roberts, the young actor from Richard Ayoade’s film Submarine, is an obsessed young fan. Roberts’s character is so smitten, in fact, that he steals a wax likeness of Ryder from the lobby of a theater and spends an entire day with her around a spooky beachside amusement park. Of course, Ryder’s wax replica may be more than she seems--watch through to the end to find out in which way.

Watch the previous collaboration between Tim Burton and The Killers below.

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