The Humane Society Makes A Star Of Billy—Whose Story Will Make You Weep In All Kinds Of Ways

Meet Billy. He’s going to make you cry (and, maybe, give).

For the past few days, a video has been circulating around the web, one that served, simultaneously, as a testament to humanity’s particular knack for unspeakable, pointless cruelty and its capacity for kindness.

The video, from the Humane Society of the United States, told the story of Billy, a heartbreaking example of the horrors of puppy mills. A victim of terrible neglect, Billy was wasting away in a permanent canine nightmare when he was rescued by the Humane Society’s Adam Parascandola. The combination of Billy’s tragic circumstances and Parascandola’s gentle brand of heroism made for a difficult to watch but effective message from the organization—that nobody should be purchasing pets from mill-fed stores, but instead should be adopting one of the many, many pets that sit waiting in shelters.

Damn those onions…

The Humane Society also conducted a live video stream with Billy and Parascandola (okay, only with the human part of that pairing) this afternoon. You can see a recording of that event here and make a donation here.

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  • Cheddiepaws

    I just found the video that tells about little Billies passing and if you go to You Tub and type in HSUS Billies Legacy you can watch the heart wrenching video that the young man that rescued him Parascandola tells.
    I cried for so long because after he, little Billie had gotten such a great home he was just too sick and it was time for him to go. 

  • Cheddiepaws

    Unfortunately what the video doesn't show is that little Billy is gone. He passed away last winter I think it was but at any rate the little guy just couldn't keep up with life any more because his health was so bad. But during the time that he stayed with the young man Parascandola who rescued little Billy he was fed well and kept warm and comfy and he was given the proper medical attention that he needed to get him in pretty good shape but something just wasn't right with little Billy and he succumbed to what ever it was that the doctors couldn't get figured out.  I am sorry but I don't remember what it was that took little Billies life but I am so glad that he learned what love was and had a great dad to take care of him after his rescue.  It was so very sad.