How Much Is That Doggy In The Window Suffering?

A new ASPCA video takes a heartbreaking look at the lives of pet store puppies.

Dogs are not toys. For one thing, toys can’t drive actual cars. And despite what Toy Story may have you believe, toys can’t appreciate actual love in the way that dogs do. A new campaign from the ASPCA is reminding those that might consider doing some furry holiday shopping at a pet store, that puppies are not made of plush.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has long been trying to dissuade potential dog owners from pet store purchases, as those places often buy wholesale from puppy mills. As the organization’s ads make clear, puppy mills are horrible places for dogs and often overstock the most popular breeds and keep them in an environment as uncaring as the warehouses that store their stuffed counterparts. These commodified canines suffer a similar fate to unsold toys, apparently, when they don’t find owners.

If the video above moves you at all, you can consider pledging your support at the No Pet Store Puppies website created by the ASPCA.

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  • Cheddiepaws

    Great job....  Where is this video shown so that the public can see it? It is very well done and needs to be public!!!
      Education is I think the only way people are going to finally figure out that pet shop puppies are puppy mill puppies and if you purchase one you are usually buying a life long visit to your veterinarian because those puppies are usually always so sick. Either physically or mentally, no difference. It will be a constant vet visit for the life of that puppy.... And the little ones that are waiting for a forever home in all the many shelters all across this country will die because they bought the pet shop puppy...:(