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Wes Anderson Characters Immortalized, Alphabetized In New Poster Series

Visual artist Hexagonall created a series of 18 minimalist posters, the "Wes Anderson Alphabet," which highlights characters created by you-know-who.

Famously meticulous director Wes Anderson has a history of inspiring tributes to his work, mostly in the form of Halloween costumes. The trend continues with a poster series that puts character elements from Anderson’s films in alphabetical order.

The visual artist known as Hexagonall takes a minimalist approach with his project, the Wes Anderson Alphabet. Characters from nearly all of the director’s films crop up in the 18 posters (uh, why not 26?). Rendered in a retro-cool style reminiscent of old Hitchcock posters, each subject is faceless and angular, relying on fashion, facial hair, and quotes to capture the essence of the character. Though not as jam-packed with detail as the tableaux Anderson tends to film, the posters would probably meet with the clean and well-organized visual standards of the director, who represents the letter "w."

Have a closer look through more of the posters in the slide show above.

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  • Hexagonall

    Hi Lili!
    Im Hexagonall. You are right!!! Im going to change it at my website!! Thank you!!

  • Lili

    Amazing posters. I did find an error for the poster Eleanor Zissou he has it down as 'The Royal Tenenbaums' when she really was the character in 'The Life Aquatic' 

  • Mary-Gem

    Yep, I agree. Nice series, though, but unfortunately there's nobody from Moonrise Kingdom, and the movie is really fantastic!