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Revealed: The Brains Behind Megan Fox's Beauty

Acer imagines 'Transformers’ super-hottie Fox as a super-smartie in PC-maker’s latest "Explore Beyond Limits" ad.

Megan Fox may be typecast as the bodacious brunette in impossibly over-the-top action flicks but did you ever consider that there just might be brains behind the beauty? Like, marine-biologist brains. Acer, which previously allowed Keifer Sutherland to break from this explosive hero character and pursue his passion for cupcakes, casts Fox as a tender-soul smartie longing to meaningfully communicate with dolphins.

In the spot, a distracted Fox brushes off a script pitch that involves her being in space in her undies. Instead, she follows her passion to work with marine wildlife. First stop, freeing those bound lobsters in the restaurant’s fish tank.

The campaign for Acer’s Ultrabook computer encourages users to explore beyond their limits. Fox inspires a crew of slack-jawed and lady-scared marine scientists to do whatever the hell she asks of them, which includes an elaborate process of teaching language to and decoding the communication of a dolphin.

After 103 days of speech training, bedtime reading, software recalibrating and fawning coos of "you’re brilliant," Xenia the dolphin is finally understood in English language terms. Megan Fox beams, the crew celebrates, and congratulatory hugs and handshakes last just a little bit too long.

As part of Acer’s ongoing launch of new products, the spot—from agency Mother London and director Ivan Zacharias—is an endearing ode to possibilities. And it almost makes you believe that Megan Fox missed her calling. Okay, not really.

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  • SimplyShocked

    That is absolutely amazing! She totally went into the wrong career! WHAT A WASTE. I wonder what she can accomplish in SIX days! How talented.

  • Anon2

    Breathe. It's not that they're lumping together all beautiful women as not that bright, just this one. It's pretty well documented... that said, way to have a sense of humor. Well played, Megan.

  • Behrouzh

    Not only the title of your article is misleading, this campaign itself is flawed in so many ways.

    Acer is using aquarium dolphins, which we know are some of the most tormented animals in captivity, to show passion for science and marine life? And that's Megan Fox's smart side?

  • Jobedard71

    I agree with S Carter1, this one the less interesting article I ever read. It just does not make any sense, It looks like it eans something , but in a "insider only" kind of way. Like a private joke: no context, msileading title...

  • S Carter1

    Article titles and content are incronguous. This gets very annoying very quickly.