See The World's Most Famous Men As The World's Most Beautiful Women

Will Smith and Barack Obama are among the male superstars who get a gender-blending makeover, courtesy of Photoshop.

It’s insane that Nicolas Cage has never played a man in drag, considering the wide range of weird hairstyles and weirder personalities he’s taken on over the years. Perhaps one day he’ll tackle the cross-dressing character he was born to play. Until then, though, we’ll have this photo of him (and many other stars) doctored up to look like his drag doppelgänger.

A while back, Worth1000 solicited works of gender-switching Photoshop whereby some of the biggest male superstars around were digitally tweaked to resemble ladies. Among the surprises, Richard Gere makes for a particularly handsome, almost regal female presence, and Jack Black knows how to rock an off-the-shoulder dress. Judge for yourself who makes for the prettiest lady of all in the slideshow above.

Hat tip It’s Nice That.

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  • Tobyredfearn

    I recognise all the males here, but of whom are the female parts made up of? Anybody got any ideas?!

  • J

    Uh... I bet by "genre," you mean GENDER. Besides, just because you don't understand the neurological complexities behind the human mind (in its ability to be transgendered, cisgendered, etc.) doesn't mean that something "wrong" is occurring. Or even something immoral, seeing as though the human species is dictated mostly by morals derived from evolution (be kind to your fellow tribesperson, you'll be treated well, as well).

    What I'm saying is that a naturally occurring, completely equal result of the birth of consciousness between any individual is as random and as interesting as the last. Additionally, it has no bearing on who the person is, what they do, what they're all about, etc. It's just a state of being just like you and I are birthed in our genders and comfortable in these positions.

    Just because they have to seek aid in becoming comfortable means nothing about their character, personal beliefs, or whatever. They're simply human beings, and they deserve the same expectation of being comfortable in their own skin as anyone else.

    Save your unwarranted judgment for actual cases of ignorance and inept, misguided belief. Then again, I bet it'd be hard to look upon yourself with such disdain.

  • Cynthia Ann Smith

    It's a really sad thing when people have such low self-esteem and confidence that they  have to change their genre to fool themselves into thinking they feel better about themselves...I will pray for the writer of this article and ask each of you to do the same.

  • ★Vanessa Conley★

    This is funny! But Elijah Wood and Tobey Maguire are kinda cute as women...

  • Denise Prichard

     I was going to say the same thing... Elijah Wood is actually very attractive as a woman!

  • Donald Miller

    There isn't one of them that could get laid in a men's Maximum Security prison. (Well, mabe the one on the left.) But Nicholas Cage [NOT Jack Black] doesn't stand a chance. And I'm not even going to touch on Richard Gere.

  • Frank

    But where does it tell you which man and which woman they are? Most of the men are obvious, but the women not so much

  • Janine Johnson

    they are all men. but yeah, they should have had their names. some i couldn't figure out who they were either.

  • krzystoff

    yes, also on Firefox on Windows.  every third or fourth image is greyed out and the click next button doesn't work -- the only way to see them all is by clicking on the thumbnails.