Children Of America To Parents: You Really Effed Things Up

The children of the future have a message—pull your head out and vote Obama.

"We’re the children of the future, American through and through. But something happened to our country, and we’re kind of blaming you."

That’s the message delivered by a choir of kids in a new video that laments the state of these United States, points a finger at the generation in charge and urges adults to vote. The video was created as an independent project of Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, founders of San Francisco- and Detroit-based agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

While there’s no mention of President Obama in the video, the lyrics of the song ("Imagine an America/Where strip mines are fun and free/Where gays can be fixed/And sick people just die/And oil fills the sea") have a clear message (Also, this text appears on the video’s micro site: "Re-electing President Obama is a momentous decision that will require every single voter. What would the children of the future say if we let them down this November?").

The project originated when representatives of "90 Days, 90 Reasons" (a project whereby creatives provide concrete reasons to re-elect Obama) approached Goodby and Silverstein about contributing one of those reasons. Goodby says the song "just appeared to him" and he recruited David Michel Ruddy to write the music. "The idea was to have kids from the future sing about a world that’s been defiled by us—by their parents," says Goodby, who, somewhat counterintuitively, is a registered, apparently lapsed, Republican. "It was meant to be accusatory in some way. Something to put it in the context of some day this decision will be an even bigger one than it appears today."

The team, which included Goodby as writer, Silverstein and Tim Green as art directors, Ruddy as composer and Todd Porter as producer along with others, recruited kids who belonged to local choirs to sing the tune and shot the video (directed by Green) in a studio in the agency. The video lives online at The Future Children Project.

Goodby, who has produced a number of self-driven projects over the last several years, acknowledges that the video won’t necessarily be a favorite of every client, but stresses that the video is not an official GSP joint, and also that the agency has actively encouraged its creatives to produce their own non-ad ideas, regardless of bent.

And, alas, at least one person close to Goodby was dismayed by the effort: "My brother wrote to me and said he was appalled," says Goodby.

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  • Jeff


    None of these children are mature enough to understand what
    they are singing about.   We have college
    students who don’t understand what this song is about, most of them couldn’t
    name the Vice President of the US.   

  • Lchaney36

    What kind of parent's allow their children to take part in something like this?  FCofA, your parents are morons.  Careless, empty headed morons.  I sure hope you can break free of their liberal doctrine.  They are ruining you.

  • A Child of the Future

    Look. I'm done being articulate and using fancy language from my posts below. You guys are jumping to conclusions that are FAR from the truth. Our parents were the messengers to let us know we were invited to participate in this video, but it was up to us to participate. We weren't forced, certainly not by this "liberal doctrine" of which you speak. Don't waste your time telling some kid you have never met and never will, that their parent is an "empty headed moron". Please try and have a little bit of respect for the people in this video. Because we're people too.

  • Lchaney36

    And btw, you aren't the future children of America.  You are the future adults of America.  That you'll be running the show some day is more terrifying than anything in your song.

  • Flyguy359

    Boys look like Momma boys doing what Stage Mommy told them to.  Girls are creepier - angry, future Occupiers, ready to wilt into adulthood.

  • A Child of the Future

    To back up "Mrs. Geary" below, I was one of those children. She isn't lying about who she is, or who the children are. I was fully aware of what I was doing, and I willingly participated when I received the invitation. The video was not some production we were tricked into filming, or some task forced upon us by adults. It was a wonderful experience, with witty lyrics and a powerful message to the world. So please don't assume we were used, or manipulated. I was more than happy to make a mark in the political world, because now I know I can make a difference in it, even without the ability to vote.

  • AL Z

    It's happening people. Everyday, more & more, we're turning America into Amerika.  Wake up.

  • Mrs Geary

    Many of these children have a higher than average intellectual capacity and grasp of the world. They were not coerced or exploited. They believe in what they were singing and their parents were fully behind the project. How do I know? I have known most of these children personally for several years because I've been involved in their musical training and in this project. These kids are mostly from California and out here we believe in freedom of expression and even the kids are smarter than your average bear. So, please stop with the conspiracy theories already!

  • A Child of the Future

    Hooray! Thanks for commenting to help spread the word that we weren't manipulated into singing this. That seems to be the current opinion of the Internet. (Found that kind of thing in many articles)
    People like to jump to depressing conclusions "in this land of unbelief and fear"

  • Guest

    This is disgusting!  To use children to get a political message like this across is beyond the pale.  This is just typical of the people associated with Obama. Sad!  Maybe someone should write a song about what an Obama future will look like, a future none of us would even recognize as the United States of America!

  • Absinthium33

    I think you have that wrong. Children get exploited in this country all the time. Commercials and ad campaigns are targeted at kids, whether it be McDonalds, Abercrombie, or Apple. Films that allow for the dumbing down of our children are constantly marketed toward them. The Twilight saga comes to mind. The reality television shows that have proliferated are all targeted toward the exploitation of children as well, deluding their young minds into concluding that there is a sack of money available if the rest of the public buys into the mindlessness. If you have children, I will make the bald faced assumption they are on FaceBook. All this is creepy and grotesque.