John Travolta, Olivia Newton John Look Super Normal On Their Christmas Album Cover

Who say that Grease Lightnin’ doesn’t strike twice? Somebody, probably. Here is what the reunited "Grease" stars’ Christmas album will look like.

It’s so strange that John Travolta is putting a still-thriving movie career on hold to pursue daytime talk show success with Olivia Newton John as his co-host. It’s an unlikely move, to be sure, but Travolta hasn’t exactly been known for taking the predictable route in the— What? You mean that’s not a promotional still for the forthcoming TV show, Born to Hand Jive? It’s the Christmas album that the former Grease co-stars decided to make in 2012 for some reason? Oh, okay, makes perfect sense.

Also, John Travolta’s hair does not look the way hair looks on a person.

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  • Xanadude

    Olivia sounds great and the new original Christmas song is a very catchy tune. Pretty cool to hear Olivia and John singing together again. They seemed to really enjoy putting this album together.

  • Davemgib

    OLIVIA Newton John looks GREAT actually & some of the songs are excellent; so I don't know why your putting anything down!?! I hope you respond to these comments!!!!!!!

  • John "JC"

    I've listened to it and it's GREAT!  Jazzy / bluesy sounding in some songs & the new tune is 'catchy' and benefits charities!  The CD cover is perfect for those two as they do have chemistry since GREASE & over the years - so enuff w/ the CD cover - LISTEN and ENJOY it this season and many after!

    Love always, JC baby!! :)  

  • AGuittard

    It is so obvious that you have not listened this CD, it's almost funny, but obviously you have a problem with Travolta. Talking about his hair should look "cool" ... for old rockers who still seek a cause !! Don't you have more imaginative phrases ? Listen the Cd and maybe you'll find some inspiration ;) Olivia sounds perfectly and John, who didn't sing since so many years, sounds & plays a charming crooner. The chemistry is still there .This is a very good album that brings fun and warmth, exactly what we can expect from a CHRISTMAS CD ! (& proceeds will go to charities).

  • Jolandaberends

    As i told a fellow fan it's beginning to get exhausting to defend a cd in which you can hear the joy and fun it's made with , and benifts 2 good causes, than falling over a cover. PLEASE PEOPLE, LISTEN FIRSt! Don't understand the hating from the beginning comes from to start with.

  • Lpollastrini

    This is quite a festive cd that really puts you in the spirit of the season. Olivia sounds as wonderful as always and John doesn't sound that bad at all. You can tell they enjoyed working together again after 30 years. Proceeds go entirely to their own charities. Everyone should give it a fair listen before making any hasty judgements.

  • james

    Oh come on, it's all in fun (and it IS!) and for charity. How can you knock that?  Highlights: the tables are turned on "Baby It's Cold Outside" and the catchy "I Think You Might Like It" (penned by "You're the One That I Want" writer, super-producer, John Farrar)