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Two Skate-Bros, One Board Star In Smart Car U.K.'s "Fortwo"

In a new ad touting the, shall we say, snug proportions of Smart Car U.K.'s Fortwo, two skaters perform some slow-motion ollies on a shared board.

Bicycles built for two are for wusses. Two dudes sharing a skateboard, though, is pretty hardcore.

In a new ad for Smart Car, freestyle skaters Kilian Martin and Alfredo Urbon patiently, carefully do some semi-gnarly tricks together on a single skateboard. The ad, promoting Smart Car U.K.'s none-too-roomy Fortwo vehicle, was created by agency Weapon7. It features some long languid shots of the skateboarders that wouldn’t feel out of place in Gus Van Sant’s arty skater movie Paranoid Park, except that, you know, there’s two of them on one board.

Watch the making-of video below.

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  • John

    That skateboard looks a little longer than normal but it doesn't quite look like a long board.