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New PSA Goes Full Boob To Raise Awareness Of What Breast Cancer Looks Like

Several sets of exposed chests drive home the point in a breast cancer PSA.

There are many clever ways to drive home the message that women should be regularly examining their breasts for signs of cancer. What might be even more effective, though, is a visual aid showing them exactly what those signs are.

A new ad commissioned by the Scottish Government has gone far beyond the typical check-for-lumps message to clarify with stark images and plain language what the lesser known symptoms are. Created by The Leith Agency, the new ad features bare-shouldered actress Elaine C Smith holding up a series of signs across her chest, each endowed with actual-size photos of breasts exhibiting different symptoms of the disease. Smith has a personal stake in helping to get the message out, having lost her own mother to cancer (Note: As noted, the video below contains boobs, so consider that your NSFW flag, though there’s no reason you shouldn’t watch this at work).

The Leith Agency worked with the chief health officer of Scotland and cancer specialists to create images that were as accurate as possible of the various unsung early signs of breast cancer. The resulting ad, which the agency claims is U.K. TV’s first to feature fully exposed breasts, is eye-opening, to say the least.

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  • David Mead

    Great PSA for so many reasons. The problem with the U.S. is that we are a land of sexual prudes overtly but sex-crazed fools covertly. Remember, it was only a few years ago that women were shown in actual bras and panties, not on mannequins or semi-invisible. Perhaps it is because we are such a young country founded on Puritan beliefs that overt sexuality is still such a taboo to so many people. Give us a few hundred more years to grow up and a lot of things will hopefully change.  

  • Carolyn Reis

    To the 'Guest' who ran the population stats on Scotland, Thank You.  I said what you said just didn't take the time to get the facts.  Really wish the immature idiots would find another place to play.  This is a serious subject with consequences for ignoring the signs possibly ending in death.  Not funny!  Thanks again,  Carolyn

  • Tina

    This is really great advertising for a painful and difficult subject, and I think it is spot on.  What's sad is the discussion changed to something else.  For women to be able to see what they should be looking at is fabulous. Tongue in cheek, too bad they can't link this to the recent Kate Middleton breast about getting the word out :)

  • Sue

    Disappointed that all of the "specimens" were fair complexioned.  Women of color get breast cancer too.  All in all, a good PSA, though.

  • katzgrau

    Intended for Scotland. Probably wouldn't expect to see white boobs in a breast cancer PSA in South America or Africa.

  • Alan Hope

    If it had been simply a series of photographs, you'd have a point. But the point of using an actress is identification, and personalisation of the point of the ad. Elaine C. Smith is a very well-known actress in the target area. It wouldn't have made any sense to show her with black breasts, say, because it would have ruptured the illusion. And as others have pointed out, if you're looking at the skin colour of the breasts on show, you're missing the message of the ad.

  • Guest

    Richard has a good point. According to Wikipedia: The ethnic groups within Scotland are as follows: White, 97.99%; South Asian, 1.09%; Black, 0.16%; Mixed, 0.25%; Chinese, 0.32% and Other, 0.19%.

  • Element Mobilman

     I think Sue has a point there. If you only like white people you'd be the racist.

  • Richard

    This was run in Scotland. While I'm sure that some African and other descendants have migrated to Scotland - I think it's fair to say that Scottish people are white. If you're offended by that, then I think there are bigger problems that you need to deal with.

  • Drew

    Yea blame Americans because this guy posted a comment that hurt your feelings. Bunch of idiots I think.

  • slightstar

    You fool; if you're an American, you just made all Americans (including this American woman) look bad.  I sure hope you don't have anyone in your family (including you) go through breast cancer.

    For the record, I thought it was an incredibly well-done PSA. 

  • Martina

    Wow, are you serious? So since you aren't turned on by the photos of these breasts then you can't pay attention to the message? The point of this PSA was not to get you aroused or show perky fake breasts from 25 year old porn stars. These are what real breasts look like. Grow up.

  • Carolyn Reis

    Oh stop! 
    How about we do one of what a nice set of breasts look like after the cutting is done?  The after story of the lucky ones who got to live disfigured or not.
    America is just too conflicted and embarrased about speaking or showing body functions for anything like this to ever be produced and shown here.
    How about one for the girls?  A PSA for testicular cancer, uh huh, thought so.