Dave Eggers, McSweeney's Offer "90 Reasons" To Vote Obama

With the U.S. presidential election nigh, McSweeney’s rolled out its "90 Days, 90 Reasons" initiative, which collects essays from entertainers and thought leaders about why they’re voting to reelect Barack Obama.

We’ve reached the point in the election cycle when nonpartisan groups like Rock the Vote step up their efforts to energize young voters and drive registration. The folks at McSweeney’s, the publishing hub founded by Dave Eggers, are targeting a more specific kind of electoral apathy however. Eggers and co. noticed a lack of enthusiasm toward their chosen candidate, Barack Obama, from people who had voted for him last time and decided to take some very partisan action toward getting those disaffected voters excited again.

Completely independent of the official campaign to reelect Barack Obama, 90 Days, 90 Reasons is an online initiative that provides "daily reasons—concrete, factual, plain—to reelect Barack Obama and will also provide likely outcomes of a Romney presidency." The project was conceived by Eggers and talent manager Jordan Kurland, both of whom are President Obama’s fellow Chicagoans. Together, the pair began reaching out to a diverse cross section of entertainers and thought leaders, asking them to contribute essays explaining why they’re voting for Obama this year. Each day of the three months preceding the election, readers would perhaps find new inspiration to follow suit.

As it turns out, Eggers and Kurland happened to have access to a lot of high-profile cultural figures. 90 Days, 90 Reasons launched on August 8 with Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard writing about how Obama’s presidency is the first to acknowledge the equal marriage rights of gay couples. The weeks since have seen entries from the likes of Roger Ebert, Russell Simmons, and Patton Oswalt, with Susan Sarandon, Wild author Cheryl Strayed, and many more set to follow.

Each day, a new reason is posted—both in full on the 90 Days site and in easily digestible Twitter sound bites.

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  • Phd_Student_Doom

    No one should vote in this election. Obama is not a true liberal and Romney is not a true conservative, regardless of your issue and political bent they have no intention of making the sweeping changes that you want.That being said, this website is pretty dumb. I looked over and the list and the reasons listen by the celebrities ( ?, the only name I recognized was Russel Simmons and he hasn't been relevant since the 80's ) are plain false. Sad state our politics and media are in.

  • Slseaver

    At least they separated entertainers from "thought leaders" though I am not sure what Susan Sarandon and Russell Simmons think is really relevant when deciding who to vote for.

  • shotgunconcepts

    (OH at mcsweeneys) Hey! Let's alienate half our audience by offering biased political endorsements on our site for 90 days!

  • WordyDoodles

    Might not be half their audience. They might know exactly who they're speaking to and who they want to attract.