Forget Custom Pies: Domino's Wants Your Help Creating A New Pizza Delivery Vehicle

Domino’s wants to start delivering pizza in style—and they want your help. You might just win $10K, and see your idea brought to life and on the road.

Domino’s is famous for publicly overhauling its pizza after digesting some less than glowing reviews. The company’s new recipe for success goes beyond sauce and extra cheese, though. Think monster truck tires, racing stripes, and extra torque.

The pizza giant’s teaming with open source car company Local Motors for the Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Project. The goal: create a super flashy, signature ride that’s fit for deliverers of doughy, cheesy goodness.

In the promotional video, released Monday, Domino’s says that firefighters have fire engines, ice cream peddlers have jingling trucks—but what about folks who bring pepperoni pies to your door? That’s where you come in. They want to totally rethink the pizza delivery car, which until now, in most cases, has been the delivery person’s personal car. This contest wants entrants to submit their own designs for what Domino’s dream pizzamobile should look like. Not only does the most cutting-edge vision fetch $10,000, but a prototype of the car will also be planned. The idea is that Domino’s franchises might buy the car for their employees’ use.

"The task is huge. It’s a vehicle," says Tony Calcao, Executive Creative Director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Domino’s agency. "It’s not a name of a product that can change or be removed or added from a menu. It’s an unprecedented idea and, we hope, and unprecedented vehicle. That’s a big deal. That’s trust."

The contest is currently in phase one of five: submitting concept sketches and renderings.

Design Entry

The campaign is Domino’s latest act of reinvention. The 52-year-old company kicked off an unusual marketing strategy back in late 2009: Talk smack about your own product.

That year, consumers had ranked Domino’s pizza ranked last among national chains (it tied with Chuck E. Cheese). So, the brand frankly addressed its shortcomings in commercials, and introduced a new formula for its pizza. The result? Doubled profits in 2010.

So which innovative car will Domino’s choose as the official wheels of the company? So far, entries range from futuristic to awesomely cartoonish. One has the body of a giant pizza, while others look like something out of Tron (see them in the slide show above).

The contest site offers many entry guidelines. For example, vehicles must be four-wheeled, sport the Domino’s logo and brand, be energy efficient, and more. Submissions are due September 23, with the winner announced October 10.

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  • rogwild

     Too bad they have been so RESTRICTIVE, in their 'rules'; MUST have
    4-wheels, NO ELECTRIC or hydrogen, etc. There is already an ideal
    vehicle in 'development', that would be inexpensive, economical, unique,
    meet 95% of their delivery needs...... and the Pizzas won't 'slide
    around' in tight turns: This 'small profile',
    head-turning vehicle would be perfect; with a pre-heated rack in the
    back, cooler on the floor! It TILTs in the turns, plug-in upon return
    for max range (over 60 miles), and a Wi-Fi GPS Nav System would have the
    Driver ready to go upon entry. AND the drivers would have FUN.... and
    enjoy driving it!!

  • joeginese

    They are going about this all wrong. Delivery isn't the issue. 

    Make a vehicle that is a portable pizza oven. Make it an option to pay X amount extra to have the pizza prepared, cooked, right in your driveway with a Dominoes Deluxe Delivery. 

    Then you've have something that when people see the pizza truck on the street, they may come and watch the pizza be prepared. 

    It'd be as crowd drawing as the Oscar Meyer mobile. 

    Side of the vehicle could say, "Someone is getting the freshest pizza in the neighborhood right now, watch us make it." 

  • Tom Nawara

    I think they can get the design directly from the CosaNostra delivery vehicles in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash.