FedEx Salutes The Art Of A Good, Clean Political Campaign

The latest from FedEx uses aspiring candidates to show how one might run a good clean campaign (or even a dirty one) using its various services.

Essentially, political elections are competitions like any other, and no competition would be complete without a little smack-talking. In the latest ad for FedEx, a couple of candidates casually decide to go negative.

Created by agency BBDO New York, the new ad quietly shows all the resources FedEx has at its disposal through the lens of two political rivals picking up their campaign swag at the same spot. Amid the blizzard of posters, coffee mugs, and lawn signs they’ve requested, the candidates fling barbs at each other through clenched-tooth smiles. It’s an appropriate enough commercial for a year marked by a real campaign and an unreal one.

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  • patricia ryan-wenner

    Love it, great advertisement. Clean, funny, and Fed-Ex is a lot more thought of and mentioned more when talking about this commercial!

  • Candd46

    I love this commercial.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.  Good work Fed Ex you are a great company!