Gillette Lights Up the Night With Olympic-Sized Holograms

Kicking off the Olympics on July 27, Gillette celebrated Team USA in Boston Harbor, with 60-foot holograms of Ryan Lochte and Tyson Gay.

To match the scale of the proceedings, Olympic ads tend to have outsize personalities. Case in point: Gillette’s latest Olympics effort, which was created immediately after the Opening Ceremony.

In order to pump up Team USA in its quest to dominate the 2012 Olympic games, Proctor & Gamble’s Gillette brand set off an outdoor, water-based projection mapping spectacle around (and above) Boston Harbor. Footage of Team USA athletes was splashed onto buildings leading up to the harbor, where six separate projectors displayed King-Kong-size holograms of sprinter Tyson Gay and swimmer Ryan Lochte on two massive screens of particulate water vapor sprayed above the harbor. Adding further majesty to the ad capturing the event, the show is scored by M83's anthemic "Steve McQueen." Agencies Proximity, BBDO, Ketchum and Klip Collective collaborated on putting the spectacular together.

Have a look at Nike’s water projection from last year below.

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  • Doug

    Hello! While these water projections are spectacular and beautiful, they are in no way a "hologram". A true hologram contains all of the 3D information of an object in all dimensions. These are 2D projections on to water vapor screens that while they have depth to them, the depth does not contain or project the depth (the third D) of the original objects. The technology and expertise required to produce true 3D projection is beyond what is practical at this point in time. 2D water projections such as these have been in use since the 40's or earlier. These are examples though of some of the best that the current video technology can offer, and congratulations to the production team!

  • Judy

    Note: the 'Procter' in Procter & Gamble is spelled differently from the person who roams a room when people are taking tests. Copy editor