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A Strange New NFL Spokesman Calls Football "Serious Fun"

In a new series of ads for Thursday Night Football and Fantasy Football, a prodigiously bearded spokesman takes his fun very seriously.

Lots of football players possess a sense of humor. They have goofy touchdown dances, and are even known to do the Super Bowl Shuffle once in a while. They are also insanely determined, doing whatever it takes to win. A new series of ads attempts to capture both sides of the NFL spirit, providing a mascot who exudes both seriousness and fun.

Created by David&Goliath, the three new TV spots for Thursday Night Football and Fantasy Football all feature visits from a guy in a bright blue suit with a mid-range ZZ Top beard, who looks thoroughly like Will Ferrell’s hot tub-dwelling Roger Clarvin character from Saturday Night Live. This new character delivers rhapsodic odes to the coming NFL season in September, but he does so in quite dramatic fashion, either from the middle of a wheat field or the side of a mountain range, occasionally drop-kicking a pom pom, and always accompanied by a swelling orchestra.

Interestingly enough, considering that these are ads for the NFL, not one helmeted player or beskirted cheerleader is shown throughout. Watch the other two ads in the series below.

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  • Grrrr

    I'm a big-time NFL fan, and I don't get it. I find the while campaign annoying. It's like they're trying to be "cool' but "out there" like the stupid Dairy Queen and Old Spice "zany" commercials. 

  • Mtvtemails-69

    What a doofus!  NFL, You got to be kidding! This guy? would never surviv a game of football.  What a joke, a real turnoff!

  • Aaamaxcomic

    Really stupid, I think they were going for a zach galifianakis type....doesn't work.  If I were the NFL, I'd change advertising agencies!!

  • Hoonoo3212

     And Zach's 15 minutes was over after Hangover2. And get rid of the football robots already. With all that money, this is the best ad?

  • PittsRu2

    This guy is creepy and seriously annoys me.  I change the channel when he comes on. He reminds me of a pedo and does not inspire me to watch football or play fantasy football.  I like football but not this douche.

  • guest

    Please kill serious fun guy.  If I could do it myself, I would.  Seriously, that would be fun.

  • Dandiego63

    Thumbs up! Way up. This dude cracks me and my girlfriend up! Give us some more!!!

  • Dafairman

    After 35 years in advertising, this perhaps the most embarrassing campaign I've seen. I wonder who approved this crud.

  • Hatersgunnahate

    Implying that sticking with tradition is tradition in football. Believe it or not, old man, this is the way of advertising as it stands now. This is generating tons of word-of-mouth advertising through social networking sites like Twitter. I, for one, have never watched a football game, and instantly tune out anything with NFL in the title, but I'm here, arent I?