David Beckham Surprises Fans In Adidas' Magic Photo Booth

Fans at an Adidas-sponsored Olympic photo booth are shocked when they find themselves face to face with the man, the myth, the one they call Becks.

When a stranger appears in your photo booth, it might be time to panic. First of all—how did this person even get in there, when photo booths are so tiny? Supposing it’s a much larger photo booth, though, and the stranger turns out to be David Beckham, you might be less inclined to panic, even if the noises you started to make sounded similar to panic.

In a new ad supporting Adidas’ Take the Stage campaign for the Olympic games, the world’s most famous soccer player (or footballer, depending where you’re from) surprises fans while they’re taking photo booth pics in support of Team GB. Amid props like a giant microphone and a rubber duck, the faces of these fans quickly go from celebratory to starstruck once Posh Spice’s husband enters the room. In fact, one little boy and his mum are both adorably moved to tears.

Adidas seems fond of springing big, excellent surprises on unsuspecting people in enclosed spaces. Watch the brand’s recent change-room ambush here.

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