Is This Adidas Ad Invasive Or Awesome?

When creepy gets creative, does it cease to be creepy? You be the judge in Adidas’ campaign to push team AFC Ajax’s new soccer kit.

Once you’re introduced to Adidas’ marketing stunt to promote AFC Ajax’s 2012/2013 jersey, your changing room experience will forever be wracked with paranoia—and eager anticipation! But mostly paranoia. Perhaps more details would help to see why this campaign is such a toss up between creepy and creative:

At the Ajax Experience in Amsterdam, the club shop for all things related to the Dutch soccer team, fake fitting rooms were built (Creepy: 0/Creative: 1) with hidden cameras installed (Creepy: 1/Creative: 1), and a slide-away wall containing a two-mirror (Creepy: 6,500/Creative: 1). Sounds like creepy most certainly reigns supreme, right? Well, if you’re a diehard Ajax fan, then what happens when that wall with the two-way mirror slides open could tip the scales indefinitely with "creative": On the other side are Ajax players waiting to give you an uproarious cheer and an impromptu party with a DJ and the whole shebang as soon as you slip on the team’s jersey (Creepy: 6,500/Creative: 6,501).

So it seems as if Adidas’ Ajax Experience prank, created by agency Iris Amsterdam, was a smash and all is right with the world. Those fans were surely stoked to meet their idols—you know, after they got over the fact that said idols just watched them undress through a two-way mirror in front of a room full of even more strangers (Creepy: 6,500/Creative: 6,501/Embarrassing: 6,502).

[Image: zametalov/Shutterstock]

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  • dIPEN

    This is creepy, not creative. Sensationalism without an iota of creative effort

  • BrO

    This is europe americans, nobody sues nobody over stupid crap! I feel sorry for you though. :)

  • Richard_saling

    I see lawsuit... it would turn me off of the brand so how does that work for them? Glad I'm in America. Privacy is still valued.

  • Syndicate

    If they have the consent of those featured in the ad, then it's fine. But it's not creative in any way.

  • Kim Taylor

    Linkbait article thumbnail guarantees clicks.

    Controversial stunt guarantees discussion.

    Modern day advertising tactics.
    -"But hey you're talking about it so it must be effective!!!"

  • CreativeGeek

    Creative or not it's a HUGE invasion of privacy.  Some people might be ok with it for themselves, but no one has a right to decide whether it's ok for others to have people watching them undress without their knowledge.

    Now what would REALLY be creative is to find a way to do this without compromising people's privacy.  There are lots of ways you can offer people a really nice surprise without resorting to hidden cameras and 2-way mirrors and people spying on you changing.

  • AJ

    Oh god, if I were in that changing room that would 100% be my worst nightmare. That said, it sure got them the publicity they were after!

  • Jo

    Doesn't matter if it's either, the fact that you wrote this article in the first place shows that is was effective. People are talking about it.

  • dIPEN

    People talk about a lot of shit, does not mean that its all good. Your thinking is flawed.

  • Lyndon Williams

    Are you sure this was an adidas endorsed activity or an AJAX activity?

  • Tariq Lacy

    As the others here say, that's awesome and all, but good luck pulling that off in America. 

  • MW

    That's great. if you live in Europe.  Do that in the US and you'll have a lawsuit quicker than you can blink.

    Nice looking jersey btw.

  • Lebowise

    I think this is somehting that you really have to take in a cultural context. If they tried this in America, it has lawsuit written all over it.

  • Patrick Sims

    It makes sense for the culture. Kind of wish American's had a more open mindset - Nothing to be embarrassed about. Congrats for the fans.