Oreo's Big Gay Cookie

Kraft Foods gives their dunkable confection of chocolate goodness a fictionalized makeover in a Facebook post of support for gay rights—you already know a kerfuffle is going on.

As gay pride celebrations across the world continue in record numbers, Oreo, one of the most popular brands on Facebook with 26 million+ fans, posted a colorful image of support Monday night that, of course, is causing quite the controversy.

There sits America’s favorite cookie looking as scrumptious as ever but with a layered rainbow filling, accompanied by a caption that reads "June 25 | Pride" and description text that simply states "Proudly support love!" How anyone could hate A) a wonderful message of equality and B) a sextuple-stuffed Oreo is beyond rational ken—however, leave it to the bigoted masses to attack the company with paraphrased sentiments to the tune of "I’m never buying these cookies again" blah blah blah "I’m unliking this page!" blah blah "Gays, hell, God" blah.

Then again, leave it to those who back civil rights and liberties for all to generate more than 182,000 and counting combined likes and shares of the post with comments of praise and thanks. Oreo’s parent company Kraft risked alienating some customers with very public support of such a hot-button issue. But, as we’ve seen with other family-oriented brands like JC Penny creating LGBT-inclusive ads, those customers are now few and the "backlash" gets tinier and sillier each day.

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  • JasonB

    Whether you are religious or not, there is as much choice for someone being attracted to someone of the same sex as there is for someone enjoying one food and not's a product of biology and genetics. Life experiences may shape how one deals with the urges they have but there is no choice. Anyone who disagrees with this is not familiar with current scientific research- and by scientific research I mean research conducted by those with PhDs that has been published in scholarly peer-reviewed journals.

  • Daniel Staggers

    Oh really, the people against this are few? What drugs are you on. Sure, 96% of the world population is few?

  • Pater93

    Here is a company that is offending 80-90% of the population to show support for 10-20%.  I would rather lose the 10-20% and keep the others.  It seems to be more profitable that way.

  • Debbie Wold

     I agree whole completely  and that percentage should be less than 10%!!

  • Tburch

    n the book of Genesis in the bible,God did not create Adam and Steve, ut Adam and Eve

  • Sapphire5660

    Homosexuality is against God's teachings.......I don't care WHAT the world today says.  Homosexuality is an abomination against God and eventually He will come to judge all the iniquity in the world and then all these people who think it's perfectly okay to marry up men to men and women to women will finally see what His truth is all about.  It's ludicrous what people are trying to shove down our throats...........literally..............ICK.  I don't have to HATE a gay person to disagree with their lifestyle. 

  • Nick1970

     God does not teach all tolerance. He created a man and woman. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their perverted sexual lifestyle, and he will do the same in the near future. I too don't care what the world says about the gay lifestyle. God does not HATE people, however, he does HATE what people do. Besides, being gay is a choice, not predetermined. Stop listening the satanic media about that and do your own research. Just looking at the design of the atom, in its intricate design and makeup gives undeniable proof, that opposites attract.

  • Sensible1

    God will also judge all of those that are intolerant of others and pretend themselves to be worthy enough to do his judging!  

  • Michael Curtis

    "however, leave it to the bigoted masses to attack the company with paraphrased sentiments to the tune of "I’m never buying these cookies again" blah blah blah "I’m unliking this page!" blah blah"  So the masses are bigoted when they are saying these things about Oreo, but when the gays are saying the same thing about Chic-fil-a, it's somehow justified, and not bigoted.  Whatever.  Bigot.

  • NoThankYou

    I'd love to be a member of the GOP, but I just don't have enough time they seem to have thinking about gay sex. 

  • PeteAJ

    Timothy - is having sex the only thing that makes you straight? Also, isn't loving thy neighbor a little more important to contemporary christianity than, say, gripping on to one or two pieces of the old testament while not living by most of the rest of it? Just asking.

  • PeteAJ

    Timothy, if you're taking the Bible to be truth then I trust you're abstaining from shellfish, bacon, tattoos, wearing mixed fabric garments, etc, etc. This is part of what's so enraging about your viewpoint is that the Bible is only the Truth when it's personally convenient to you. Also, I'm not Christian so why am I asked to suffer your interpretation of a book that has nothing to do with me? If Jesus could come back today he would take one look at people like you and say 'I cannot believe these assholes are totally missing the point'. He means you.

  • Timothy Evans

    Check out Lev. 18:22, 20:13.
    But here's the thing: you're misunderstanding contemporary Christianity. Truth doesn't change. If it was true that it is wrong to murder people a million years ago, it's still wrong today. Slavery was wrong even when it was accepted by society. The truth of its wrongness never changed. Homosexual actions are wrong. That's truth, and it doesn't change just because society changes its mind. It's not old-fashioned, it's just original. 

    Also, the old testament never contradicts itself. Loving thy neighbor means pointing out to your neighbor when your neighbor is about to seriously hurt themselves. It doesn't mean looking the other way and saying, "whatever you want to do, man. It's not my business." That's called not caring. (i.e. not loving.) Opposing the gay agenda is actually the loving thing to do. That's what is so hard for people to understand. 

  • Gods8Eagle

     Try reading Romans chapter one...which as you know is not in the Old Testament.  From the front to the back Judeo/Christian teaching is soundly pro-family of the God kind.  Specifically, one man & one woman.

  • Timothy Evans

    This has nothing to do with equality or love. Just sex.
    Not sure why Oreo would take the time of day to announce an anti-Christian agenda, though.

  • Timothy Evans

    Angela, Jesus asked us to follow him. By doing that, we are the best we can be. St. Paul wrote against homosexuality (Rom. 1:26-28, 32 and 1 Cor. 6:9-10 NIV). Also check out Lev. 18:22, 20:13.)
    So don't say that gay is not anti-Christian. Homosexual attraction cannot always be helped, and is not wrong. It is the action, the giving-in to the desires that is wrong. We want gay sex? We need to get over ourselves to get to the real meaning of life, which is found through God. After all, when we die our souls have to go somewhere. The rules are laid out pretty simply for how to get to heaven. Denying physical pleasure is a good way to achieve a much higher pleasure.

    "Gay not anti-Christian", you shouldn't compare the gay agenda to overcoming slavery or racism. This is a question of ethics. Racism is unethical, so it was wonderful that it was defeated. Homosexual lifestyle is also unethical. So allowing it is not wonderful. It removes the openness to life from sex, and breaks the meaning of marriage. It is out of love that people resist the gay movement, not out of hate or fear. That's what is so difficult for people to understand.

    This should help: 
    So yes, supporting gays is actually anti-Christian, even if you didn't intend it. And no, it is not hateful to oppose gays. It is a great person who can look past their lust and carnal desires, and seek a higher happiness.

  • Angela Henson

    Well put, "Gay, Not Anti-Christian." I'll simply add that the gay friends that I know who are in loving, long-term relationships are, really, some of the most kind and loving people I've ever known. Timothy, isn't that really what Jesus asked us to be? Does it have to be about sexual orientation? What if it's about something bigger, like true equal rights for everyone and love on all levels? For me, that takes the conversation into a whole new perspective, one that embraces what we all share as commonalities rather than the ways we are different. Could we learn to celebrate both similarities and differences at the same time? Talk about getting over ourselves to get to the real meaning of life.

  • Gay, Not Anti-Christian

    I love how Oreo supporting gay rights makes this an anti-christian agenda in your mind.  So if I eat bacon, does that make my breakfast an anti-muslim meal?  Just because this company wishes for the oppressed to have the same rights as everyone else it doesn't mean that they are against Christians.  You get to enjoy your lifestyle so long as it doesn't interfere with everyone else's and soon they will too.  You will have to adjust to this new standard or ethics just like everyone did after slavery was abolished and the black community started getting their rights.  Open your heart and stop allowing fear to fuel your hatred.  No one is on the attack against Christianity. You are just in denial of a greater good that you can't see.  A world where men and women don't judge each other by their beliefs, their gender, their skin, but by the content of their character.  When you can learn to do this, maybe then you will truly have learned the teachings of Jesus.