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Oreo's Big Gay Cookie

Kraft Foods gives their dunkable confection of chocolate goodness a fictionalized makeover in a Facebook post of support for gay rights—you already know a kerfuffle is going on.

As gay pride celebrations across the world continue in record numbers, Oreo, one of the most popular brands on Facebook with 26 million+ fans, posted a colorful image of support Monday night that, of course, is causing quite the controversy.

There sits America’s favorite cookie looking as scrumptious as ever but with a layered rainbow filling, accompanied by a caption that reads "June 25 | Pride" and description text that simply states "Proudly support love!" How anyone could hate A) a wonderful message of equality and B) a sextuple-stuffed Oreo is beyond rational ken—however, leave it to the bigoted masses to attack the company with paraphrased sentiments to the tune of "I’m never buying these cookies again" blah blah blah "I’m unliking this page!" blah blah "Gays, hell, God" blah.

Then again, leave it to those who back civil rights and liberties for all to generate more than 182,000 and counting combined likes and shares of the post with comments of praise and thanks. Oreo’s parent company Kraft risked alienating some customers with very public support of such a hot-button issue. But, as we’ve seen with other family-oriented brands like JC Penny creating LGBT-inclusive ads, those customers are now few and the "backlash" gets tinier and sillier each day.