Hovercat Is Hovering. Here's How

Mekanism cast Nightline's Dan Harris and his cat in a video promoting animal adoption. Here, we learn how Hovercat took flight.

You’re going to get a great feline if you adopt a shelter cat. In fact, you might even wind up with a cat who can levitate like the one seen in "Hovercat," a video created by Mekanism to support the ASPCA.

The video stars a former shelter cat named George and Nightline anchor/reporter Dan Harris, who adopted him. As we see, the handsome orange kitty likes to blast dubstep and perform slow-motion aerial acrobatics when his dad leaves for work.

The floating feline puts on quite a show, and while the shoot to capture George in action only took a day, it was a complex technical undertaking. "We shot "Hovercat" with a 12-camera bullet time rig and a jumping cat. We accomplished that by using twelve Canon 7D cameras shooting 60fps and pulling frames in mid-air to get the hover effect," explains Mekanism director Tony Benna.

Next came a two-week long post-production process, but the effort was worth it. "Hovercat," which was posted on YouTube on Monday, has already garnered nearly 500,000 views. The goal, according to Mekanism president/CEO Jason Harris, is to get all of these people who enjoy watching viral video of cats to make room in their own home for a potential future YouTube sensation—June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month.

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  • FartAtTheMoon

    I agree with the other comments; this is awful. And extra lame that they used the Metallica logo on the 'H' of the "Hovercat" logo. Is that where we're at these days, just randomly and uselessly appropriating everything for no reason? Maybe if the soundtrack was metal, it would make sense. I suppose if Hovercat is a mindless raver that like randomly appropriated pop culture logo garbage it makes sense, too. Terrible.

  • Jeremi

    It just gets worse: "Millions of viral videos to be adopted" this tagline is sickening to the stomach, especially coming from an animal shelter. Is that really ASPCA's tagline to entice you to adopt a cat? WHO are they trying to entice exactly? The people who truly understand and respect animals or the people who abandon their pets after 6 months?