Security Camera Footage In Coca-Cola Ad Catches People Being Awesome

In a feel-good ad for Coca-Cola that might actually make you feel good, security camera footage from around the world is used to demonstrate the random acts of kindness that go under-celebrated all the time.

Security cameras get a bad rap, especially in the age of Google Earth, when satellite-powered privacy invasion is a legitimate concern. Sometimes, however, the omnipresence of surveillance in our lives unwittingly captures what makes them worth living.

In a new ad from Coke Latin America and production company Landia, security camera footage from around the world is used to show off some creatively titled anti-crimes that tend to go under-reported. These acts range from "Honest Pickpocketing" (returning a wallet someone dropped) to "Potato Cheap Dealing" (giving a bag of chips to the homeless guy outside of a convenience store.)

As the Supertramp song "Give a Little Bit" underlines the point, the ad goes on to show what it refers to as "Crazy Heroes," people who spontaneously commit to doing good deeds, despite the odds being against them. These are the folks who foil a gunman holding up a store, or help push a stuck car over some train tracks moments before the train comes. Heroics like these would still have taken place whether or not there were cameras recording them (and it’s not entirely clear yet if real security cameras actually captured these particular acts or if they were recreated*) but at least now we can all appreciate them.

*In an update to this aspect of the story, Guido Rosales, Latin America Integrated Marketing Communication Director for Coca-Cola says: "In many of the vignettes, we were able to buy the usage rights for the original footage—so yes, much of the footage is real. The others are recreations of real scenes. All demonstrate the reality of good people acting in the world."

He adds: "Coca-Cola inspires people to make something extraordinary happen. The 'Security Cameras’ spot is a continuation of our ongoing mission to spread happiness and optimism, giving a brand point of view about the world’s actual situation. This spot builds upon previous campaigns of ours that portray how good people outnumber bad people, delivering the message that we have reasons to believe in a better world. Because good people outnumber bad people. It’s the natural bridge for what’s yet to come from Coca-Cola Latin America, so stay tuned."

[Editor’s note] After this ad initially came online, there was some dispute over copyright matters for the song used in it. As a result, the ad can now only play with the song muted, so no, your speakers are not broken.

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  • Cándido Pérez

    A great ad of Coca Cola, which has managed to squeeze in these images and this great song "Give a Little Bit" composed by Roger Hodgson, the best feelings of the people. By the way, do you know how many times this topic has been used for charitable causes Roger, here you can check:

  • lauri

    ojala la vida real fuera como la del anuncio. por cierto, preciosa canción de roger hogdson.

  • Sabishld

    The first chord sparks instant memories and you think, "Oh..I know this music". As the song continues you realize,  "Oh...I know the words", and before long remember, "I love this song!" and you feel like clapping, singing along, tapping your foot, maybe dancing.  This is the effect that  Roger Hodgson's recently recorded version of  "Give a Little Bit" has on the viewers of this Coke Security Camera commercial of people doing their best, helping and loving each other and those who experience Roger live!  However,  a person really needs to experience him live for yourself and there are many opportunities to do just that please check out his website to find out dates: what will you feel........ excitement, energy and love, as you do when watching this video...

  • Richard Turin


    This video from Coca-Cola touched my
    heart!! What better song than Roger Hodgson's "Give A Little Bit",
    with a powerful, timeless message that we should give our love to others
    whenever we can. A nice way to remind us of the good we can all do!

  • ripplesinthewater

    A very beautiful video with an inspiring and uplifting message, and what better accompanying song than Give A Little Bit by Roger Hodgson? "Now's the time that we need to share, so send a smile and show you care..." timeless!!

  • Yana Kirakovskaya

    Very awesome idea)inspires do more&more and take care of each other)

  • Sophie Guin

    Great ad, perfect for the "open hapiness". But ly question is how did they get those videos ? Taken on the web ? Imagine you're a Coca-Cola heroe without you knowing... not fair

  • Sierra Rein

    I loved it up until it revealed itself to be a commercial.  Were all these people compensated for their likeness being used to sell a product?!? If I was one of those people and found myself on camera without being given a contract (and I'm SAG-AFTRA), I'd be pissed.

  • Pinoy Artista

    But would all professional actors take issue? I think that corporate advertising, despite its bad reputation (I'm not a Coke drinker, personally), can, with the help of a creative ad agency, create something wonderful. And since the footage is from a CCTV, you can hardly make out the's really about the message, not the individuals. This is one of the best viral ads I've seen in a while.

  • Lisa Doxrude

    I so love the use of Roger Hodgson's, the "Voice of Supertramp" song "Give a Little Bit".   for a great song is a great song and "Give a Little Bit" never ages, it only motivates and enlightens people when they hear the first chords.  You can't help but tap your foot and sing along.  

    To experience one of Roger's concerts, his soft spoke, candid, humble presence puts you at ease and than he starts to sing.  His voice sounds better than ever!  You have no doubt who he is performing for, the sea of faces before him.....his fans.  What do you feel, love/peace. See just one of his concerts where you can see and feel his music for yourself, the creator of Dreamer, Logical Song, Give a Little Bit, Take the Long Way Home, and Breakfast in America to name a few of his songs. You will never forget an evening spent with Roger, never.......
    With his 2012 tour starting in February there are many opportunities to experience
    Roger's performances for yourself......
    There is no contest.... Roger Hodgson with his golden set of pipes..... No one can sing and play his songs like him!!!! No one.....

    WARNING you will become hopelessly hooked and need to return to experience his performances again and again...

  • bonzomatic

    I agree with Jeremy. It's not "art" if you use someone else's property as your canvas without their permission. Take that graffiti scene out, and the clip is fantastic.

  • Jeremy

    You had me... right up until the guy spray-painting the wall. I don't know what the opposite of awesome is, but that's pretty damn close.