"Stop thinking about what you want and start thinking about what people need." -Advice to Ale Lariu, CEO of Shout, during her first job
Design by ilovedust.

"Do your job everyday like you don’t care about being fired." -As said to Pete Petrella of Gyro by Patrick Collister.
Design by Andrew Bannecker.

"Don’t let short term greed get in the way of long term greed." -Said to Benjamin Palmer, Barbarian Group, by Taxi founder Paul Lavoie.
Design by Rod Hunt.

"Remember that you do what you want to do." -Said to Anders Gustafsson, creative director, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, by his grandmother.
Design by Radio.

"Join a gang, any gang." -Said to Mark Earls, Herd Consultancy, by Kurt Vonnegut (from one of the author’s speeches.)
Design by Henry Obasi.

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Creatives Share The Best Piece of Advice They Ever Got

A new book presents some great advice, illustrated.

Sometimes a piece of advice, no matter how well-meaning or earnestly proffered, is instantly forgotten, or, perhaps more frequently, quietly resented.

But, once in a while, whether you’re looking for it or not, you get a gem that sticks. For one reason or another, some wise words become more than food for thought and become guiding principles, if not life changers.

Creative Social, an organization of creative professionals working in the digital marketing space, has assembled its members’ favorite bits of advice into a new book, Best Piece of Advice Ever. The book, a collaboration with artist management agency, Bernstein & Andriulli, presents the wise words along with art work from a range of contemporary illustrators and designers including Ray Smith, 12Foot6, Stan Chow, Ilovedust, and Shotopop.

Advice sharers include The Barbarian Group’s Benjamin Palmer, SheSays, and Shout founder Ale Lariu, Gavin Rodgers, Creative Director at agency LBi, and many others.

According to Creative Social founders, the book was born out of one of the organization’s conferences when Microsoft brand strategist David Pugh-Jones asked a speaker "What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?" (the response, from Jim Haynes: "If you do something for someone, forget it immediately. If someone does something for you, remember it always.")

Click through the slide show above to read some of the advice featured in the book—and share your own best piece of advice below.

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