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Siri Talks Life, Linguica With John Malkovich

Forget tomato soup, Malkovich goes deeper with Siri in new iPhone ads.

When Zooey Deschanel asked "is that rain?" and put in an order for tomato soup in the latest iPhone campaign, a cultural moment was born.

The Siri-meets-celebrity campaign kicked off with Deschanel and Samuel L Jackson and carries on now with a pair of spots featuring the always-absorbing John Malkovich in what the agency says is the actor’s first U.S. commercial appearance.

In the first of two spots from TBWA\Media Arts Lab and director Bryan Buckley, Malkovich puts a simple but all-encompassing question to Siri: "Life?" In the next spot, Siri fields questions ranging from schedules to sausage and even cracks an iPhone joke.