The Peugeot Puzzle Contest
Putting together Peugeot Panama’s Pinterest Puzzle is an exercise in keen observation--and alliteration. The European car brand created boards on Pinterest featuring its latest models with squares missing here and there, inviting users to search on Peugeot’s Facebook page and website for the last few pieces of the jigsaw, pin them to their own boards, and share it with Peugeot. Prizes were offered to the first five to finish the game.

Kotex Inspiration Day
In what it claimed to be "the first Pinterest campaign in the world," Kotex tapped Israel-based agency smoyz to scour Pinterest for 50 of its most inspiring users, peruse their boards to discover what inspires them, and then create customized care packages based on the items the women pinned. To receive their gift, the chosen few had only to like or repin Kotex’s prompt praising their online expressions. "Woman’s Inspiration Day" sparked 2,284 interactions and 694,853 impressions across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and, of course, Pinterest. See video and further details here.

Honda Pintermission
In its Pinterest debut, Honda wants you to stop using Pinterest--for 24 hours, at least. As part of the CR-V "Leap List" campaign created by agency RPA, "#Pintermission" is all about living life to the fullest by unplugging from digital distractions. Some of Pinterest’s most active users received a handwritten invitation offering $500 to take a break from the social platform to get out and actually do the things they’ve been pinning about, posting their day’s events to Pinterest with Honda re-pinning to their boards. Honda is also encouraging everyone to take a #Pintermission with a series of posters illustrating the irony that is Pinterest: spending time pinning about things when you could actually be doing said things.

Work Club Agency Recruitment Campaign
Pinterlist [noun]: The love child of Pinterest and Craigslist (see London-based agency Work Club’s clever job posting.) Pinning movie stills with accompanying text describing the qualities they’re looking for in a creative director, Work Club’s method for hiring new talent speaks volumes for what one can assume would be a pretty stellar work environment. Read more here.

Wall Street Journal Quotes
In a sea of hyper-hued pins of luxurious clothes, foodstuffs, and other camera-ready items, one component of The Wall Street Journal's Pinterest stands out considerably with its lack of all of the above. The text-heavy page is a collection of noteworthy quotes from stories that ran in their paper and blogs, set in the middle of blurred-out copy with a description to put the soundbite in context.

Sephora Web Site Redesign
Who better to buy new beauty products from than those who work with them all day, every day? That’s the rhetorical question Sephora addresses with its Pinterest integration, part of a sweeping site redesign. Not only has the brand added a "Pin It" button to every item on its site, it’s included boards from select employees, so shoppers can browse and buy based on recommendations from those who know the products best. Driving In Heels
Those heels might be made for walking (and turning a head or two), but they certainly aren’t for driving--take it from price comparison site To underscore the dangers of driving with sky-high heels, the U.K.-based site created a Pinterest contest asking users to pin photos of themselves in their most prosperous pumps on Confused’s "Driving in Heels" board for a chance to win a sensible pair of flats from Butterfly Twists.

Oscar de la Renta Bridal Show
Because live-tweeting is so 1.0, fashion house Oscar de la Renta live-pinned its bridal show this year with snaps from before, during, and after the event going to a dedicated board on its Pinterest page.

Holler Agency Site
If posting a job on Pinterest seemed clever, Sydney-based agency Holler has officially one-upped the Work Club crew by moving its entire site to Pinterest. The Pinterest site comes complete with boards for press hits, contact info, current work and clients, job listings, and even office life.

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The 9 Most Creative Uses Of Pinterest

Marketers have flocked to Pinterest, but aside from a few retailers and media companies, few have attracted huge followings. So, instead of focusing on who’s biggest, we’re providing some inspiration from some of users who have made the most of the platform creatively.

In what seemed like no time (but was, in fact, several years), Pinterest went from a talking point for digital elites to a de rigueur social tool for just about every person, media company and, of course, brand.

According to data compiled by online consumer behavior firm Experian Hitwise, Pinterest saw 104 million visits in March, a strong third-place finish behind Facebook with 7 billion and Twitter with 182 million. So, there’s clearly a compelling case for Pinterest based on overall numbers. But how are brands creating a presence on Pinterest using the platform’s strengths to their advantage?

Given the rapid growth of Pinterest, there was hardly a chance for brands to absorb any meaningful best practices.

David Berkowitz, VP of Emerging Media for digital agency 360i, recalls introducing clients to Pinterest a year ago, noting how quickly the landscape has changed for brands on the platform. "It was clear that it was inspiring people in a way that few technologies or media properties ever had before," he says. "Now it’s something that almost all brands want to discuss—or at least learn more about."

Berkowitz warns, however, that not all brands are primed to pin.

"Pinterest is at the point where every marketer needs to at least decide whether it makes sense for them and how they might best leverage it," he says. "Pinterest connects inspiration directly to purchase, so e-commerce brands on the site such as Whole Foods are well positioned to benefit from it."

Whole Foods has about 25,000 followers on Pinterest, and that’s a relatively high number for a brand—there are other, bigger marketers who have far, far fewer followers. So does the lack of volume indicate that the platform is not a solid long-term bet for brands?

Says Berkowitz, "Scale is one of the least important factors marketers should consider when evaluating emerging platforms, because it’s a moving target. MySpace and Bebo crashed about as quickly as Pinterest and Instagram soared. Marketers should look at other factors, such as how relevant the platform is to their brand and how well their brands can provide value for that platform’s users."

While a built-in referral model means Pinterest is well positioned to drive sales, brands shouldn’t expect to amass millions of followers as quickly as they might expect. "Marketers need to figure out how they’ll continually tap earned, owned, and potentially paid media channels to build up their follower base over the long term. Given Pinterest’s inevitable growth in making it easier for brands to communicate with their followers, marketers that decide to participate and figure out how to provide value will have a strong position in the near future."

In the meantime, we’ve put together a showcase of some of the brand and media Pinterest plays that have gone beyond eye candy. Click through the slide show above the headline to see the roundup.

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