Creator of Steve Jobs Tribute Lends A Hand To Coca-Cola

Jonathan Mak designed the Steve Jobs tribute logo last year, at the age of 19. Less than six months later, he was working on a re-do for the Coca-Cola swirl.

When a version of the familiar Apple logo circulated online last fall with an alteration that paid tribute to the recently deceased Steve Jobs, people around the world wanted to know who designed it. Some of these people even wanted to hire him.

Ogilvy & Mather China tracked down and reached out to Jonathan Mak Long, a then-19 year old graphic design student at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, about working on a project for one of its clients. As you can imagine, the young designer was amenable to the idea. The project turned out to be for Coca-Cola.

Based on the three-word brief that Ogilvy proposed to Coca-Cola ("Sharing a Coke"), Mak created a design that isolates the brand’s famous red and white ribbon, and modifies it into a pair of hands passing a bottle of soda. It’s a minimalist concept similar to the Steve Jobs Apple-bite that earned him the gig in the first place, and its execution is quite elegant.

Outdoor posters featuring the work appeared in Shanghai this past weekend.

Hat tip to Campaign China.

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  • Graham Fink

    i saw Jonathan Maks great iconic tribute to Steve Jobs last October and flew done to Hong Kong to meet him.i saw the rest of his student work ( he's on his second year at university studying graphics). A few months later i asked him if he could work with me on the idea of 'sharing a coke' for Coca Cola. A few weeks later he sent me a rough layout with these two hands sharing the bottle, based on Coke's iconic white ribbon. i thought it was brilliant. so simple and a classic case of less is more. fast forward to me sharing the idea with our client and the rest is history. I take my hat off to this young man. he is a great up and coming talent.