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Google Grabs For Heartstrings With First TV Spot In The U.K.

To showcase the features of Google+ in the U.K., agency Adam & Eve created the 90-second spot "Tom+," narrarated by Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch no less.

Google has carved a niche for itself in hearts stateside with TV ads that appeal to audiences on an emotional level. In its first TV spot in the U.K., Google is now looking to bring that same human connection felt in popular ads like "Parisian Love" and "Dear Sophie" to viewers across the pond with "Tom+," a 90-second overview of Google+'s features.

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch lends his orotund voice to a reflective narration of Tom’s fictional life, as told through the monologue "The Seven Stages of Man" from William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. From infancy to seniority, Tom’s major milestones are captured and shared on Google+ through videos, photos, circles, and hangouts, ending with the tagline "A life lived and shared. That’s a plus."

Created by agency Adam & Eve, "Tom+" had quite a high-profile premier during Britain’s Got Talent and is part of a recent push from Google to ramp up its advertising efforts in the U.S. and U.K.