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See 100 Years Of History Recreated In Oreos

See the cream-filled cookies morph into vinyl records, Pac-Man, the moon landing, and more in Oreo’s anniversary print campaign.

In celebration of its centennial birthday, Oreo is unveiling a new print campaign that pays tribute to some of the most significant achievements of the past 100 years. Yes, to answer your question, one of those achievements is, in fact, the emoticon.

The twist is that these commemorative ads, created by agency Draftfcb, use Oreos themselves to recreate important elements of the 20th and early 21st centuries. The moon landing is detailed in miniature with a tiny space boot print left inside the creamy filling of a cookie without its top half; the summer of love is represented by an Oreo broken into a peace sign; and perhaps most cleverly, the era of prohibition is depicted with an Oreo dunked inside of an empty glass.

In addition to the print series, the campaign includes a dedicated webpage where Oreo aficionados can share their favorite cookie memories in the Moments Gallery (uh, like the time they ate some cookies?), play games in the Oreo Arcade, and even send a friend a customized birthday message from country superstars Lady Antebellum. There’s also a video message from the company, which you can watch below.

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  • Chris Reich

    I did some work for Nabisco and learned a few interesting things about Oreos. They are not sure of the origin of the name. That is a great paradox in that the most successful cookie brand in history is of unknown, not focus group, origin.

    Happy Birthday Oreo!

    Chris Reich