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JC Penney Just Says No To The Status Quo With New Campaign

JC Penney launches a new campaign to mark a major brand reinvention.

<p>110-year-old retailer JC Penney has launched a major new ad campaign that encourages consumers to reject frustrating sale experiences. The ad efforts, as well as a new logo, product lines, and pricing policies, are part of a major brand overhaul planned by Apple exec turned JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson.

The new campaign, from Mother New York, includes TV and outdoor ads and a Facebook page where visitors can scream into a "No Meter" to measure their frustration level. The spot, shown here, depicts various shoppers screaming their displeasure with flyers, lines, and other bad sale-related experiences.

The campaign paves the way for the marketer’s new "Fair & Square" price structure, which rolls out February 1. A new approach to pricing is one component of sweeping changes that Johnson plans to introduce at the chain. The retailer will also rethink store layouts, including the creation of a "Town Square" space in high traffic areas and introduce new designer lines.

JC Penney ad in Herald Square
JC Penney’s new logo
JC Penny on Facebook

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  • Midwuls????

    Mother New York just keeps cranking out crap. I can't for the life of me figure out why this agency is so successful. 

  • Satabella1

    oh, I get it...they're pulling a "New Coke" type of dealio....very sneaky....

    you know, where they bring forth an absolute disaster, then at the last moment pull out the original formula from behind their back to the sound of jubilation?that's gotta be it, right?...right?


  • Sdear

    I loved the new marketing and after seeing some desirable items in the catalog, I visited a store.  They didnt have 2 of the 3 items I went there for, which didnt make me happy. Then I ended up returning a shirt as it shrank in the WASHER, and the sandals I bought didnt last long.  Seems its cheap cheap merchandise that really disillussioned me after shopping at JCP for years.

  • Mlparshall

    I just wanted you to know that the new advertising campaign is aggravating!  You feature no products, deliver no message, and just fill the air with the old Target and Gap upbeat fill time. 
    J.C. Penney's should tell consumers about what you do best.  I shop your store for draperies, period.  I shop mostly at Nordstrom, but always come to your store for draperies.  You offer something no other retailer does - great draperies at all price points, and a choice of either purchasing in the store, online, or through a home visit.  Your drapery department is a winner and you should tell your story!

    I'm tired of advertisements with no message.  Sell me!!!

  • Fred E. Burrows

    I love the new Sunday ad photography , It's new, and stands out . Normally I toss the ads aside but the new JCPenney ads are put in the readable pile . The vibrant colors and Photos are awesomely delicious . 

  • Mtskier

    I hated the first couple of ads on this campaign especially the yelling one and refused to look up to see who JCP was.  I only looked it up after the Ellen DeGeneres ads played for awhile as they were so neat - and you could understand the message.  Oh, it's Penneys!  Too bad they started the campaign off so badly.

  • Philphoto2

    As a retired newspaper publisher, JCP's new ad campaign is troublesome to me; troublesome in that the new CEO believes it to be good; troublesome that an ad agency developed it (although that's what they do best... cutesy!); and even more troublesome that the company's directors have allowed this CEO to set JCP on a disastrous course.  On occasions too numerous to count I have used JCP as an example of what good, solid marketing was... the least observant among us recognized a JCP ad at first glance. What a tragedy to witness. Worse yet: that someone in the company paid someone to design the 'new' JCP logo. The end for this company surely is now in sight.  That truly is a tragedy!

  • Awhite12

    At first I thought I was watching a Target or Old Navy commercial. You are destroying an image that has been respected for years!

  • Eclipse01gal

    Not that I love the commercial, but I like the concept of their new policy (but I haven't been in the "new" store yet).  I like the concept as it's stepping away from the constant barrage of "sales" we see all the time from retailers like Macy's & Kohls.  While I used to like shopping at both those stores, I soon came to dislike the sales for every & anything holiday or event. Worse of all, those sales were the SAME THING EVERY SALE... and for the same products time and time again. I laugh every time when I see the exact same comforter on sale over & over again for several years (yes, I said years). How about some new inventory & decent prices all the time, so I don't have to worry about if an item I may want will go on sale in the next few days or the fact that the person behind me is getting the same item for a certain percentage off because they have a coupon flyer with them.  Stop this insanity and give fair pricing for all! This goes for grocery stores as well! We are all in this economy together, let's just play fair and honest!

  • Corporatetabs

    Ahh, the ol' "random people screaming so lets watch and see what their screaming about ad". Very annoying and frequently used. Game Fly and some car company already did this in the past year.....

  • Dave

    You people are out of your minds.  The commercial is brilliant.  The idea was to draw attention and make people wonder what the heck the ad was about.  Mission accomplished.  And even if you don't like it, "I will boycott J.C. Penney" because of a single spot you find irritating... well that's just stupid.

  • Rhonda Painter

    Oh, yeah. Brilliant. A year later we can all see how brilliant the whole thing was.

  • Libra

    Completely brilliant. I knew who the agency was the moment I saw it. They are pure genius because 1) they know what gets attention in a noisy noisy land of TV 2) they know all attention is good attention in advertising and 3) It's Mother. Obviously it's genius. 

  • margaret

    This ad is an equal-opportunity slap in the face to white women, black women, white men, and senior citizens.  Apparently, we are all far too stupid to recognize inflated price points for what they are.  Not only are we all stupid, but we cannot refrain from screaming like crazed asylum residents.  JCPenney needs to respect its customers, not belittle them.